Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Resurrection of Chasing Beauty

Instagram Mini Moments from the past six months.
I bet, you thought you'd never hear from me again. That possibly, I dropped off the planet, and completely abandoned this blog?  Well, it has been a while, but Chasing Beauty has never been far from my mind. Although I haven't been active here, I've still been interacting with all of my bloggy friends. You see,  a little app called Instagram has completely reignited my love for blogging, and reminded me of the community that I had been missing!   For the past few months now, I've been quietly plotting my return, and a total reboot of Chasing Beauty! Version 2.0 isn't quite ready yet, and probably won't be until Summer, but I wanted to let you all know that it's coming!  I also wanted to keep you posted on where you find me in the meantime. 

Recently, I teamed up with Jamie (of and Mel (of, otherwise known as The Wear To Go Girls. In case you are just hearing about WTGG for the first time, Jamie and Mel have created a really fun website, to find out where to go shop, eat, drink, get pampered, socialize and what to wear to go! They are featuring weekly hair and makeup "how to's," and guess who's doing the makeup tutorials? 


Check out my Individual false lash tutorial HERE, and keep checking back for more hair and makeup tips!

You can also follow me on:

Instagram: on the actual app my user is @chasingbeauty

I'll be posting here too, just not as frequently as I had before, but stay tuned. There's exciting things to come!