Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Rather than dealing with the midnight madness, I opted to see Eclipse this morning without the screaming teens. (which I highly recommend) And, all I have to say is OME!!! (oh my Edward, for you non-twihards) :) Eclipse is the best movie of the Twilight Saga so far! I wasn't really expecting to LOVE it as much as I did. Typically, I purchase my Twilight tickets in advance, and make an event out of it, but not this time. Maybe I've just been too busy to think about it, but I wasn't all that enthusiastic about opening day like usual. In fact, I didn't even think I was going to see it today, but I glad I did! I don't want to ruin it for anyone, especially if you haven't read the books, but this is the first time you really see some emotion from these characters. Finally, they feel three dimensional! In the first movie, I felt like Edward and Bella's love went from 0 to 60 in an instant! In this installment, you get to see exactly why they love each other, and why she loves Jacob too. The relationships seem better developed, and the dialogue is far less cheesy. Eclipse perfectly sets the stage for Breaking Dawn, and flawlessly captures the book. And, did I mention that Robert Pattinson looks other worldly?! I mean, how can someone be so gorgeous??!!  I will be seeing it again, before the weekend is over!

How about you? Are you planning to see Eclipse this weekend? And, if you've already seen it, what did you think?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My "So Called" Crazy Life

Hi! Remember me? I'm that makeup artist and sometimes blogger that suddenly fell off of the face of the Earth. :) I wish I could see a break in sight, but sadly, I'm intensely booked through July 17th! Granted, this is not a bad problem to have, it just leaves little time for blogging. Actually, my choice of late has been sleep vs. blog. You've obviously seen which has been winning out, and I'm barely getting 4-5 hrs a night at that! So, if I all of a sudden I go missing know what's happening.

My last post I was debating whether or not to get the black or white iPhone. I got the black since it's the only one available. (apparently there's a problem with production of the white) Look for a full review of the iPhone 4 coming very soon. 

This past weekend was eventful to say the least! Saturday I watched my little cousin get married, and what a beautiful bride she was! 

Here she is with her new husband, Jethro.

And Heather and I.

Immediately following the wedding, I spent the night in the ER with my Dad, because he was having complications from a recent eye surgery. He's fine now, but getting home from the wedding at 5:30 am was pretty brutal, and the topper...I had to be at work by 9 am! Sunday was hard, as I had no sleep and zero downtime to prepare for the upcoming week. Then, Monday morning came and I got the call that I've been waiting sister-in-law went into labor! I had a full day scheduled, but was able to clear my afternoon to await the arrival of my niece. After three boys, my brother and sis-in-law finally did it!  A baby girl! I'm so excited that now I'll get to shop all of the isles at Toys-R-Us! lol!

Introducing my new niece Anne Charlotte...

and me, holding sweet little Annie. 
(the picture is blurry because my brother is a horrible photographer! lol! I normally take the pictures in the family, and this is why)

So, now you know what I've been up to. I'm looking forward to catching up with you, and reading all of your fabulous blogs! And then I'm looking forward to a day at the pool, doing absolutely nothing. :)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Poll: iPhone 4 - Black or White?

So, today is the big day... I'm getting my new iPhone! I'm soooo excited!!! I've already pre-ordered the black, because the white wasn't available to reserve on opening day. But, now I'm thinking that white might be a fun change, since I've had black for 2+ years. I'm not even sure that white will be available when I go to the store, but if it is....should I get it? I still really like the sleekness of the black though. Ugh! I can't decide! Which would you get? Black or White? Please vote below.

iPhone 4: Black or White?
White free polls

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Rose

 It's finally Summer, and one of my favorite ways to beat the heat, is going for ice cream!  It's the perfect end to a day at the beach, or just the perfect end to any day! (who am I kidding, right?) I'd been hearing such rave reviews about  the newly opened Sweet Rose Creamery, that I had to check it out. ( I had was research) :) Sweet Rose is located at the Brentwood Country Mart, and very close to Drybar. So a couple of weeks ago, after getting a stellar blowout, I decided to pay them a visit. And now I think I'm in trouble, because their ice cream is AMAZING!!! Seriously, this could be bad, because I'm totally addicted!

At Sweet Rose Creamery, they make small batches of homemade ice cream using only the best ingredients. They use organic milk and cream from Clover Organic Farms, organic eggs and sugar and never use any stabilizers or ice cream bases. Also all of their toppings, cones, sauces and ice cream sandwiches are made from scratch daily. 

The seasonal ice cream and sorbet menu (using local market produce where possible) was created by Shiho Yoshikawa, formerly of Tartine; it includes such flavors as ginger, strawberry, malted chocolate with candied hazelnuts, peanut butter (which literally tastes like frozen PB) and grapefruit mint. The little shop also offers upscale versions of childhood treats: homemade waffle cones (regular and chocolate); Valrhona fudge pops; bon bons; neapolitan ice cream; and floats, sodas, shakes and sundaes. 

As yummy as everything is, the decor seems to make it all taste better. The tulip dishes, red-clad bar stools, and reusable metal tasting spoons, all make for an updated ice-cream parlor experience. There’s even a little bowl of fleur de sel behind the counter for sprinkling onto salted caramel ice cream!

After tasting almost every flavor, I decided to go a little lighter, and ordered the Grapefruit Mint sorbet.
So unbelievably DELISH!!!

Brentwood Country Mart, 225 26th St., Santa Monica, 310.260.2665. Open Tues.-Sun. 12pm to 10pm,  extending to 7 days a week in July.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Banana Bling

Normally I'm a necklace girl, but lately have wanted to pile on bracelets and cocktail rings. One store that never fails me in the jewelry department, is Banana Republic. They always have interesting pieces that look far more expensive than they actually are, and don't "turn" like Forever 21 jewelry. Whenever I'm complimented on my "bling," I'm undoubtedly wearing some BR. Here's a few new additions that I picked up last week:

The two outside bracelets are the new ones.  The chain link in the center is an older BR bracelet that I've been wearing to break up the fanciness of the other two.  

Unfortunately, the bracelets aren't available online, but here are a couple of statement rings that are. And bonus...they're on SALE!

I also picked up this necklace from Urban Outfitters.

It's not available online, but here's a similar one, at the same price.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy { Father's Day } Weekend

I have the best Dad in the world, and I can't wait to honor him this Father's Day! He's always been the most amazing example of a man, and has been my biggest supporter and fan in all areas of my life. Our relationship hasn't always been easy...there were those pesky teenage years. (sorry Dad) But, through it all, we have a really developed a wonderful father/daughter bond. Here's a poem that I found, that describes exactly how I feel about my Dad:

A little girl needs her daddy
To love her with manly charm,
To soothe her when she’s hurt,
And keep her safe from harm.
A girl needs her dad
To show her a man who’s good,
To help her make right choices,
As only a father could.
A woman needs her father
Just to be aware,
He’ll always be there for her
To sustain her and to care.
You’ve been all these things, Dad.
I hope that you can see
How much I treasure you;
You mean everything to me.
By Joanna Fuchs
I hope you all have a fabulous Father's Day weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Their Blowing is Growing

In case you haven't heard yet, Drybar is expanding, and opening two new LA locations by fall! Here's the email that I just received from Drybar owner, Alli Webb, explaining:


It's official! Drybar is coming to Studio City (on Ventura next to Stacey Todd) and West Hollywood (at Sunset Plaza). Two more Drybars! Yay! We’re sooooo excited.

Both locations will have 10 chairs (compared to Brentwood's 8) and are scheduled to open later this year, roughly Sept/Oct.

For those of you who have ever had a hard time booking an appointment in Brentwood (I’m so sorry - I had no idea we’d be this busy!), I’m confident that these two new and nearby locations will help alleviate the congestion and make getting an appointment a little easier.

I can't begin to tell you how much your ongoing support means to us. Drybar is a 24/7 commitment for me and my family, and I sincerely thank you all for helping to make it such a success.

Very best,

 Alli Webb

Isn't this exciting news?! Two more locations to get our hair done! Love it! Here's a little sneak peek, at a rough draft sketch of the Studio City location.

Images {via}

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Song of the Day: Poker Face (Glee version)

As I mentioned recently, I'm totally obsessed with Glee! The show, the music, the hilarity! One of my favorite moments from this Season was when Rachel (Lea Michele) sang Poker Face with her birth Mother (Idina Menzel). It's the most inappropriate song for a Mother and Daughter to sing together, which makes it even more amazing! I love this version and can't get it out of my head! It literally is a master class in singing!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

They Had Me at Retina Display

I've been addicted to my 3g for two blissful years, and would be lost without it! In fact, I've had such an amazing experience with my iPhone, that I've now made the switch to a Mac! So, guess who's already pre-ordered the new iPhone 4?! Ummm...that would be me! :)

In case you are still on the fence about getting the new iPhone, here are some of the features that I'm really excited about:

New design:
 The iPhone 4 will be thinner than the previous 3gs, making it the thinnest smartphone on the market. Glass on the front and back with fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating, and a stainless steel band surrounding the phone acts as a built-in antenna.
    Retina display:
     With the new Retina display, everything you do and see on the iPhone 4 looks incredible! The high-res display (960x640), with the help of IPS technology, makes for a fantastic view from any angle.  
      Updated camera:
       The new camera jumps from 3 to 5 MP, but images will look better due to photon capture technology. Also added: 5x digital zoom, tap to focus and LED flash, HD video (720 at 30 fps), front facing camera,  iMovie video editing, and FaceTime video chat (only on iPhone 4 via WiFi)
        iOS4 Software update: 

        New features coming in the iOS4 update include: multitasking, folders for organizing apps,  better email with a unified inbox and message threading, iBooks e-reader, and so much more!

        To view all of the Tech Specs on the iPhone 4, click here.

        Available for pre-order in white or black
        16 GB $199 or 32 GB $299 
        (prices based on eligibility for discount through AT&T)

        Who's with me? Did you pre-order?

          Monday, June 14, 2010

          Tag...You're It!

          I'm feeling SO much better! Thank you all so much for the well wishes!  Seriously, the BEST readers EVER!<3

          Recently, I was tagged by the lovely Stephanie of Maybe Someday We'll be Smarter, for a little Q & A. She's asked me some fun questions, so let's get to it.

          1. What's your hidden talent?
          Gift Wrapping
          I'm an excellent gift wrapper! I love wrapping presents, and would much rather use pretty paper and fancy ribbon over gift bags any day! I would love to have the space to create a designated wrapping area in my house.

          2. What would your last meal be?
           Thanksgiving Dinner
          By far, my favorite meal of the year is Thanksgiving. I look forward to it all year long, and have been known to hound my Mom to repeat the meal at Christmas. 

          3. Favorite teacher?
           Celebrity makeup artist, Joanna Schlip
          Without Joanna, I would not have a career as a makeup artist, period. She has taught me so much, not just about makeup, but about navigating my way through the entertainment biz.  She's been an amazing teacher,  mentor,  and an even more amazing friend.

          4. Least favorite chore to do?
          I could honestly say that I loathe most household chores, but dishes take the cake! I especially can't stand it when dishes have sat for any period of time. Gross!

          5. Cupcakes or Macaroons?
          Ever since my pink Kitchen Aid mixer came into my life, I've turned into quite the cupcake maker. Some of my favorites to make are: Strawberry, Lemon-Poppy Seed, Key-Lime, Pumpkin, Chocolate-Hazelnut (Nutella), and Dark Chocolate-Peppermint (for Christmas).

          6. One Summer movie that you have to watch?
          I've been waiting for this since the opening day of New Moon! Can't wait!!!

          7. What are you currently reading?
          I'm hoping that I'll have some time for Summer reading by the pool, but for now I  barely have time to catch up on my daily reads.

          8. Who's your doppelganger?
           Reese Witherspoon
          I don't really get it when people say that I look like Reese, especially since she's so notoriously blonde, and I'm not. So, I had to find a picture of her when she went brunette for "Walk the Line." This is the only way I can kind of see it.

          I'm tagging:
          My Questions:
          1. Favorite designer?
          2. What's your dream bag?
          3. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
          4. Lip gloss or lip stick?
          5. If you could go anywhere for a week long vacation, where would you go?
          6. Who is your celebrity crush?
          7. What's your "can't miss" TV show?
          8. Who's your style icon?

          It's Always Something

          Today's blog post is going to be a little delayed. I got hit with food poisoning, so I'm trying to get back to feeling like myself. I hope you're all having a better start to your week than I am! 
          Stay tuned...


          Friday, June 11, 2010

          Geek Chic

          Since I bought my new MacBook Pro, I've been scouring the internet looking for something fashionable to carry it in.  I've pretty much decided that I want a sleeve type case as well as a larger tote to hold it in. Temporarily,  I'm using my old Goldenbleu Jordan satchel.
          It works, but it's really heavy with my laptop in it.  Also, the straps aren't as long as I'd like making it a bit awkward to carry.  I'm typically a Louis Vuitton girl for everyday bags, but I carry the Speedy style which won't accommodate my laptop. Since I own zero Monogram pieces, I thought this might be a good time to add the classic LV design to my collection. I'm thinking about getting this for my tote:

          or maybe a Goyard tote in a fun color...

          I'm kind of leaning towards the LV, because it's less expensive, and would look better with a pop of color peeking out. If I go with the Goyard, I'd want a more neutral sleeve. Here are some of the colorful sleeves that I'm considering...

          And here's a couple of wild cards...

          Which one should I get? Any other suggestions?

          Have a great weekend! :)