Tuesday, June 15, 2010

They Had Me at Retina Display

I've been addicted to my 3g for two blissful years, and would be lost without it! In fact, I've had such an amazing experience with my iPhone, that I've now made the switch to a Mac! So, guess who's already pre-ordered the new iPhone 4?! Ummm...that would be me! :)

In case you are still on the fence about getting the new iPhone, here are some of the features that I'm really excited about:

New design:
 The iPhone 4 will be thinner than the previous 3gs, making it the thinnest smartphone on the market. Glass on the front and back with fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating, and a stainless steel band surrounding the phone acts as a built-in antenna.
    Retina display:
     With the new Retina display, everything you do and see on the iPhone 4 looks incredible! The high-res display (960x640), with the help of IPS technology, makes for a fantastic view from any angle.  
      Updated camera:
       The new camera jumps from 3 to 5 MP, but images will look better due to photon capture technology. Also added: 5x digital zoom, tap to focus and LED flash, HD video (720 at 30 fps), front facing camera,  iMovie video editing, and FaceTime video chat (only on iPhone 4 via WiFi)
        iOS4 Software update: 

        New features coming in the iOS4 update include: multitasking, folders for organizing apps,  better email with a unified inbox and message threading, iBooks e-reader, and so much more!

        To view all of the Tech Specs on the iPhone 4, click here.

        Available for pre-order in white or black
        16 GB $199 or 32 GB $299 
        (prices based on eligibility for discount through AT&T)

        Who's with me? Did you pre-order?


          1. I would love to pre-order this! But, I haven't :( I need a new phone desperately though! This sounds fantastic.

          2. Will Verizon please carry the iPhone! I don't know how much longer my stone age flip phone will last!!


          3. Oh, look who's getting all high-tech on me! My phone makes and receives calls and texts, and not a whole lot else... I'm trying to justify upgrading to a Blackberry but haven't quite figured it out yet, haha.
            xo Josie

          4. thanks for this, i will definitely look it up, love, jemina, xoxo

          5. i want the new one! - i have the 3Gs - so i'll have my boyfriend get this new one - so i can play with it!!

            *kiss kiss*
            ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

          6. Oh, YAY!!! I'm so behind, I meant to preorder mine yesterday but I forgot. I'm definitely doing it today though and then I'll return this one before my 30 days is up. The new one looks incredible. I can't wait!


          7. hmmm looks pretty nice, i've just heard that they are so incredibly delicate, and i have a habit of dropping phones!

          8. Oh wow. I have the 3G - and absolutely love it. I am trying to hold off on the upgrade, but not sure how long that will last ;)

          9. Yay for you!!!! I tried pre-ordering one for my boyfriend (birthday present) yesterday but the apple website wasn't working. I'm going to try again right now! :)

          10. A quick note on pre-ordering:

            Apple's and AT&T's websites were having issues locking up in the reservation process. I read in some forum that people were having success pre-ordering through the Apple Store App. So, I downloaded the free app (took about 2 minutes), and then was able to complete the reservation process (took another 2 minutes). Of course this only works if you already have an iPhone or iPod touch. Hope that helps!


          11. haha I have a droid but I'm totally jealous of iphoners! I'm thinking I may actually want the ipad for traveling.


          12. Did you know you can buy these at WalMart too? How crazy cool is that??

          13. I want one! I keep hearing rumblings that the iPhone will eventually have another service provider. Hopefully that will be the the case when my phone contract is up next year.