Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My "So Called" Crazy Life

Hi! Remember me? I'm that makeup artist and sometimes blogger that suddenly fell off of the face of the Earth. :) I wish I could see a break in sight, but sadly, I'm intensely booked through July 17th! Granted, this is not a bad problem to have, it just leaves little time for blogging. Actually, my choice of late has been sleep vs. blog. You've obviously seen which has been winning out, and I'm barely getting 4-5 hrs a night at that! So, if I all of a sudden I go missing again...you know what's happening.

My last post I was debating whether or not to get the black or white iPhone. I got the black since it's the only one available. (apparently there's a problem with production of the white) Look for a full review of the iPhone 4 coming very soon. 

This past weekend was eventful to say the least! Saturday I watched my little cousin get married, and what a beautiful bride she was! 

Here she is with her new husband, Jethro.

And Heather and I.

Immediately following the wedding, I spent the night in the ER with my Dad, because he was having complications from a recent eye surgery. He's fine now, but getting home from the wedding at 5:30 am was pretty brutal, and the topper...I had to be at work by 9 am! Sunday was hard, as I had no sleep and zero downtime to prepare for the upcoming week. Then, Monday morning came and I got the call that I've been waiting for...my sister-in-law went into labor! I had a full day scheduled, but was able to clear my afternoon to await the arrival of my niece. After three boys, my brother and sis-in-law finally did it!  A baby girl! I'm so excited that now I'll get to shop all of the isles at Toys-R-Us! lol!

Introducing my new niece Anne Charlotte...

and me, holding sweet little Annie. 
(the picture is blurry because my brother is a horrible photographer! lol! I normally take the pictures in the family, and this is why)

So, now you know what I've been up to. I'm looking forward to catching up with you, and reading all of your fabulous blogs! And then I'm looking forward to a day at the pool, doing absolutely nothing. :)



  1. beautiful couple and baby!!! :D

    goodluck with your activities!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. wow, what a busy / exciting weekend (minus the ER). your cousin was a very pretty bride!! ;)

  3. Aww, your niece is precious!! And it sounds like such a busy life! I hope you are able to get more sleep than you have been getting! Your cousin is such a beautiful bride! Glad your dad is okay too.

  4. Awesome pictures. The baby is a doll! Did you do the bride's make-up?

    xo Marcie

  5. Don't forget... we still gotta get your Mac all squared away! =)

    Hit me back after the 17th once things slow down a bit!

  6. Glad you have a lot of work but hope it calms down enough that you can enjoy everything! Congrats on being an aunt - again!

  7. You've been a busy girl! Your niece is absolutely gorgeous, and that photo of you and your cousin is adorable. Hope things settle down a bit soon so you can relax!
    xo Josie

  8. BREN
    you life was like a soap opera, glad that everything is back to normal now, and your cousin is a beautiful bride, and your niece, awwww, so so cute, thanks for sharing, and have a fabulous week, XOXO

  9. OMG!!! Annie is soooooo sweet!!!!!! What a cute baby! WOW!!!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    PS - Glad to hear business is booming!! :D

  10. It is so nice to see you back, I was starting to worry about you. So sorry to hear about your dad's eye problem, I hope his is feeling better. Both you and the bride look amazing. And how cute is that baby, she is so baby cute. I'm very happy that you've become a new Aunt again, and that your shopping for baby girl clothes will increase : ) Sorry to hear you've been so busy with work but also glad to hear work is going well. Hopefully you will find time to rest and catch up soon. You were missed.

  11. Wow Bren!! What a week! I am glad to hear your Dad is doing better and congrats on your new niece!!
    Let me know when you are in the area and have a break!



  12. Congratulations Auntie Bren! Hang in there!