Monday, August 30, 2010

Beauty and the Beach

I figured if I didn't do it soon, I'd have to wait until next Summer. So last week, in between my morning and evening client, I headed to the beach! It was the perfect day, too! About 75 degrees with a cool breeze. Ahhhh....
I always keep my beach umbrella in the trunk of my car for impromptu trips like this. (sadly, it's used mostly for beach shoots) I'm glad I had it with me, because I'm too white to sit in the sun for hours. 
These helped protect my skin too.
It felt amazing to plant my feet in the sand, and just enjoy the salt air!
It wasn't super crowded either, probably since most of the kids are back in school.
A beach day wouldn't be complete without music & fashion!
I couldn't have asked for more.

Happy Monday! ;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School Beauty

When I was at Rite Aid, getting my weekly ice cream cone (it's a Summertime thing), I couldn't help but notice all of the back to school stuff. I remember being so excited for the new school year to start, and getting all of my supplies in order. Of course, there were new clothes, notebooks filled with college ruled paper,  and plenty of No. 2 pencils. But the best shopping of all, was for back to school beauty products! I'm amazed at how many of my favorites from years ago, are still around. Some of them I still use!

Here are the products I'm feeling especially nostalgic about:

My routine was so simple back then. Wash and moisturize. The smell of this bar immediately takes me back to high school.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

So basic, and was perfect for my young skin. I don't remember buying many full sizes bottles though. They would always include a trial size in the Gift with Purchase, and I LOVED the GWP! :) 

The classic pink and green tube is still with me today.

When I first started wearing this, it was packaged in a pot, and I was in the 7th grade. Now Clinique makes all sorts of black honey items, including nail polish. But my favorite, is still this gorgeous, sheer berry gloss. I carry this, and the Almost Lipstick version in my kit everyday.

Nivea Creamy Conditioning Oil

This stuff was the best! A cross between a lotion and an oil, it moisturized and gave a slight sheen to the skin. I haven't seen it in stores in a really long time, so it appears it's no longer available. :(

Love's Baby Soft

Scents truly do trigger memories, and  this was the very first fragrance that I ever became attached to.  Love's Baby Soft reminds me of mornings spent primping for school, reading Teen and Seventeen magazines, and my first crush. I still love how innocent and girly it smells. Is it weird that I kind want a bottle?

What products were your favorites when you were young?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stocking Up

As much as I love outfits like the one I posted yesterday, I don't get to wear them all that often. The truth is, as many of you know, I work a lot! There's just no way I can deal with outfit planning or accessorizing, especially when I'm getting reading before the sun is up. Therefore, I rely heavily on basics.

Most days, you will find me in a t-shirt, leggings, a boyfriend cardi, and havaianas. You know, comfy stuff that I can get makeup on, and it doesn't matter. Sometimes, I get crazy and wear a t-shirty dress, or a pair of skinny jeans, and in the Winter, I might wear some boots instead of my usual flip flops. Exciting, right? As Katie from Fashion's Maven says, this is REAL life.

So, last weekend I did a little shopping for the staples in my wardrobe.  I bought t-shirts in every shape and neutral color possible. Along with the Alexander Wang Tee that I recieved from Gilt, I picked up some great (comparable to A.Wang) American Apparel T's from their Viscose line.
 I also found a couple at H & M and Forever 21.
I even bought a lace Tee, for the days when I need to look a little more pulled together.
Now that I'm good in the t-shirt department, I need to stock up on leggings.  I currently have some AA's and Massimo's from Target. Not loving them. Any recommendations?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Girl's Night Out-fit

This weekend, one of my bff's is putting another candle on her birthday cake. We're planning a fab girl's night out, which requires a Girl's Night Out-fit!  Here's what I'm thinking...

Tee - Alexander Wang
Skirt - Anthropologie
Clutch - L.A.M.B.
Necklace - Forever 21
Lion's Head Ring - Banana Republic
Link Bracelet - Ralph Lauren
Crystal Bracelet - Banana Republic
I just love my new lion ring! 
  These F21 platform mary janes are the exact shape of the Miu Miu Sparrow shoes that I was lusting over in the Spring, and yes they're missing the sparrows, but they were $25!
I still like my MK watch, but I'm starting to feel like it's the Tiffany heart bracelet of '09-'10. Everyone has it! Maybe it's time to shake things up with a new tank watch, or one with a classic leather band?

And here's the big question...What color should I paint my nails?! Right now I'm wearing a bright pink. If I leave them, then I'll probably do my makeup like this...
(good makeup day, but horrible hair day)

What do you think? I'm totally open to suggestions.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The September Issues

I live for this time of year, and for the telephone book thickness of American Vogue! Each year it seems that they get bigger and bigger, and this year did not disappoint! I felt like I needed a shopping cart when I was at Border's, buying my $30 dollars (and 30 lbs.) worth of research! I devour every last page, from editorials to advertisements,  and have even been known to clip images to create my own Fall (insert year) story board. (I'm a geek, I know) :)

Here's my stack of reading for the week:

The only ones missing are French and Italian Vogue, and Zink. Hopefully, I can find a newsstand that still has them.

What are your "must read" September issues?

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Day In The Life

Sorry I've been a little MIA this week but my schedule has been pretty killer. All good stuff, but sometimes your body just needs to rest, and that's exactly what I did yesterday. I was in bed all day! The reason...Take a look at Wednesday's schedule.

3:30 am  Alarm goes off. Time to wake up. (are you serious?!) Hit snooze.
3:39 am  Alarm goes off again. Don't want to get out of bed, but know if I don't, I'll be late. Turn alarm off and hit the shower.
4:30 am  Need caffeine! Pour 1st Diet Pepsi of the day (into my Venti Starbucks cold cup)
4:45 am  Pack up the car. Makeup, check. Hair stuff, check. Sweatshirt and Ugg boots for when it gets cold later, check.
4:50 am  Top off Diet Pepsi for the drive.
4:55 am  Driving to the 1st location, in the dark.
5:30 am  Loving the drive to work. There's zero traffic! A rarity in LA.
6:00 am  The sun is beginning to rise. So pretty!
6:15 am  Arrive at location #1 in Agoura Hills.
6:30 am  Get hair and makeup station set up.
6:45 am  Grab Breakfast.
6:50 am  All Star Weekend arrives early for video shoot.
7:00 am  Start hair and makeup.
8:00 am  Hair and makeup done, and ready for first shot of the day.
9:00 am  Realize that I never ate my breakfast. Pouring 2nd Diet Coke of the day. (had to switch to diet coke because there's no diet pepsi on set. bummer!)
9:30 am  Director wants me to take a peek at the extras to make sure they look good. Some of them need tweaking. I'm so glad I brought an assistant today!
11:15 am  Pretty much on schedule. The shots are moving quickly, and everything is looking great.
11:20 am  When is lunch? I'm starving and Craft Service (a glorified term for on-set snack bar) is pretty sad. Not to mention that bees are swarming all over everything. Gross!
12:30 pm  It just got seriously hot! I'm talking at least 10 degrees or more, and we're outside in the Valley with estimated temps in the 100 range!
12:35 pm  Quick touch up of the guys, for last shot before lunch.
1:00 pm  Break for lunch. They're serving up Mexican food, and it's so yummy! I think on a normal day I'd think it was just ok, but I'm starving, so it's the best fajitas ever! On to Diet Coke #3.
2:00 pm  Company move, which is production speak for everything and everyone moves to another location.
2:05 pm  My car is SO hot! I can't get my a/c working fast enough. I feel disgusting. I'm sweaty, and feel dirty from being in the canyon on dirt roads. I want a shower! Glad we're heading to the beach where it will be cooler.
2:10 pm  Drive to location #2. Beautiful drive through the canyon and up PCH. Gorgeous day!
3:00 pm  Stop at Neptune's Net for Diet Coke #4. Don't judge.
3:15 pm  Arrive at location #2. Ahhhh....the beach!
3:30 pm  Touch up all of the guys.
4:45 pm  I spot a seal in the water and point it out to Michael. He insists that it's a ball, and then I see the seal's head turn. Michael still thinks it's a ball, until the seal swims away showing full body. Awww..This is Michael.
 5:30 pm  The guys having a little fun while waiting for the cameras and lighting to get set up for the next shot.
  6:45 pm  Setting the scene for the beach party to happen after the sun goes down.
7-7:30pm  Getting the money shot of Zach next to a vintage Chevelle, with sun setting in the background. Classic California.
 Here's my perspective, watching from the monitor.
7:35 pm  Beautiful! This is what I get to see at work. :)
8:00 pm  It's getting dark, and cold! Time to put on my sweatshirt and Uggs!
8:15 pm  Craft Service ran out of Diet Coke!!! I'm going to die!
9:00 pm   Pizza arrives. Everyone is starving because there's nothing to snack on. Worst Craft Service ever!
9:30 pm  Realize that I've been standing at least 13 of the 15 hours I've been working! Starting to feel really tired and my back is killing me!
10:30 pm  2 shots left. I'm tired, and the guys are exhausted!
11:00 pm  MARTINI SHOT! (aka last shot of the day)
11:30 pm  That's a wrap! Yay!
11:35 pm  Hugs and kisses to everyone as we say our goodbyes.
11:45 pm  The worst part of my day...packing up.
12:00 pm  Drive home. I can barely hold my eyes open and really should not be driving.
1:15 am  Home sweet home. Feel like I've been hit by a truck! My body hurts as I get out of the car.
1:25 am  Can't get into bed feeling this dirty. Quick shower.
1:45 am  Ahhh....bed!!!

Yesterday: Bed all day.

Today: I feel human again.

I'll be catching up on all of my blog reading this weekend, and getting back to regular posting next week. I can't wait to hear what you've all been up to!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Song of the Day: All Star Weekend: Dance Forever

If you're over the age of 16, or don't watch the Disney channel, you may have never heard of All Star Weekend, but let me tell you...these boys are about ready to go big! (in a Jonas Bros. kind of way) Last week, I spent the day at Disneyland with Zach, Michael, Nathan and Cameron, and everywhere we turned girls were shouting, "'s All Star Weekend!" I've been working with them since the beginning of the year, and was just realizing how much they're blowing up! It's SO cute!

Monday, I was with the boys in Malibu for a photoshoot, and today we're shooting their next music video, so I thought I'd show them a little love on "ye old blog."

Aren't they just adorable? I'm hoping that some of the energy that ASW has in Dance Forever, will rub off on me today. We begin the day at 6:30 am, and wrap at 10:30 at night! And, I'm breaking in a new assistant. Bwahaha! :D

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Eat Pray Shop

I actually had two days off in a row this weekend! It was so amazing, and needed! Saturday, I spent the entire day shopping, and then went to see Eat Pray Love. I don't want to say too much about the movie in case some of you haven't seen it yet, but my favorite part was when Liz (Julia Roberts) was in Italy, eating all of that great food. In fact,  I've been craving pasta ever since!  Overall I thought the movie was ok. There were parts that I loved, and parts that I didn't, but just for the locations alone it's worth seeing. (not to mention James Franco!) Here are some of my favorite stills from the movie:
Did you see Eat Pray Love this weekend? What did you think?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Any excuse

My cousin is getting married in just a few weeks, and you know what that means...dress shopping! I've been eyeing a couple of Alice + Olivia dresses over at Shopbop, and just remembered that there's an A+O store on Robertson! I'm going to head over there today to see if I can try on these two:

Option #1

Here's the close up
and the back. Love the bow!

Option #2

Here's the close up
and the back

Which do you prefer? 

The wedding is at a winery in Malibu, and the wedding colors are Fall tones. I thought these would be good choices since there's probably going to be family photos happening.