Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Song of the Day: Plain White T's - Rhythm of Love

Last week, I went to the Jay Leno Show with some of my favorite guys, the Plain White T's. It's always so much fun getting them ready for appearances, and never feels like I'm "working." We did a little grooming, some goofing off,  and a whole lot of catching up!  It had been almost a year since I'd seen them last, as they've been hard at work, in the studio, recording their next album. I always get excited to hear their new material, and even more so this time, since guitarist Tim Lopez was taking over lead vocals, with usual front man, Tom Higgenson singing harmony. 

"Rhythm of Love" is the first single from Plain White T's' upcoming album "The Wonders of the Younger" which will be released later this year. The song, also written by Tim,  is a brightly melodic tune, inspired by a bittersweet romance.

I fell in love with this catchy tune from the moment I heard it,  and had to share it with all of you! It's the perfect "end of Summer" song.

Click here to download.


  1. Awesome song, WOW!!! thanks so much for sharing, much appreciated :), mwah! xoxo

  2. Pretty sure you have the best job in the world, hands down.

  3. End of summer???? BITE YOUR TONGUE!! ;)

  4. Bren, you seriously have the best job ever! how fun and great song! :) just saw your tweet about shopping at Alice + Olivia - have fun!

  5. I watched their performance! I never watch Jay Leno (kind of boycott after Conan left), but I watched it because I wanted to see Tom Cantilion play with them. He was filling in for someone I think. Anyway, how fun you got to be there!

  6. I swear, you work with my favorite people in the world. The Plain White T's is my all-time favorite band... Lucky you get to work with them, but THEY'RE even luckier because they get to have someone as talented and lovely as you prep them!
    xo Josie