Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Seven Month Anniversary

Chasing Beauty is Seven Months old today!

I can't believe that this year is half over!  It seems like things are moving pretty fast, especially over the past couple of months! Since my work schedule picked up, I've definitely struggled to stay on top of the blog, but I feel like I'm getting back into a rhythm. My posts don't always go up when I want them to, but I'm ok with that. I'm also cutting myself some slack. There's only so many days/hours a week, and when you spend most of them working there's not a lot left over for anything else. Yesterday was a perfect example of that. Lately, my time off has been all about laundry,  family weddings, and blog catch up. Sometimes, I just need a break from the computer to go out and have a little fun, or buy a new bag! :D (more on that tomorrow) I'm still trying to figure out a routine for myself, but my schedule fluctuates. Just when I think I've got it down, it changes! The life of a freelancer. :)

I did learn so much from all of you, when I did my informal "bloggy questionaire." I don't know about you, but I loved that post! It made me realize how much we all put into our blogs, and I appreciate you all SO much more because of it. So, thank you, thank you, thank you... for all of your hard work and dedication to your own blogs, and thank you for supporting mine! You amazing people keep me going! xoxo

I'm sure you're all wondering by now, who the winner is of the In-vita Paper Studio giveaway. When all of the entries were in, I numbered everyone's name on piece of paper...
Then I used the random number generator...

Dim the Lights! Drum roll, please...

The winner is:
Congratulations Shawna of Poppies and Sunshine! I'll be contacting you soon, to get these adorable, bubble print note cards to you.


  1. Congrats Shawna!! And congrats to you too Bren. I'm with you on keeping it balanced and having a life. Otherwise it's hours a day at the computer and that's not healthy or wise!!


  2. Congrats to Shawna! Those note cards are so, so cute! Bag post tomorrow? Yay! :)

  3. congrats on your anniversary! I think the post struggle has a lot to do with the season...fall is coming and so inspiration will be plentiful!! Can someone say BOOTS?!?!

  4. Your handwriting is beautiful, Bren!! You could even do a handwritten blog :).

    Congrats to Shawna! Her blog is great.

    xo M

  5. Congratulations on your 7th month anni. You have come a long way with your blog, I'm very envious. As always you never disappoint with keeping us all waiting on pins and needles to see what interesting post will follow the prior one. : ) Congrats to Shawna too for her win of the nice note cards. You have such a fun and interactive blog Bren, you never cease to amaze me. I'm glad you are taking time for yourself too, it is important. Thanks for the tweet, can't wait to hear from you.
    Continue to have a wonderful day.

  6. 7 MONTHS!! Our blogs are about the same age! :P

    Congrats to Shawna!

    Your printing is soo nice! :D

  7. Awww...well, Congrats to the winner! (and you too!)

  8. Congratulations on your anniversary, lovey! Yours is absolutely one of my must-reads; it is always thoughtful and the content is compelling. And congratulations to Shawna... JEALOUS.
    xo Josie

  9. Awww I lurrrve that first photo. It made me smile. And congrats on your bloggy aniversary!

    And wow you have the PRETTIEST handwriting EVER!! I was staring at that photo just mesmerized by it. LOL! :P

  10. Happy Blog Anniversary and Congrats to the winner!!! xoxo

  11. Happy 7 month anniversary! You're blog is one of my faves. :)
    Congrats to Shawna on winning the contest.

  12. Aww...thanks for the congrats, and the sweet comments about my handwriting! If you like mine, you should see my mom's! Maybe I'll have her write a sample to post on the blog. ;)


  13. Happy Anniversary, Bren! And congrats to Shawn! You have beautiful handwriting. I agree, I loved that post about the bloggers questionnaire. I've often wondered how much time everyone else spends on their blogs. It's amazing to hear how much work we all put into them! Hope you have a great day, Bren.


  14. I am finally catching up on blogging and I see this wonderful surprise! Thank you SO much, Bren! This really brightened up my day...and I needed it! I am so excited! Congrats on Chasing Beauty being 7 months old! That is exciting :)
    I enjoy your blog so much!

    P.S. I love your handwriting :)

  15. Happy 7 month blogversary!

    xx Vivian @