Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bag Lady

In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm totally obsessed with bags! You know how some people are really into shoes? Well, I'm into those too, but I DREAM about bags! I think I could actually have a whole blog dedicated to them, but we all know how much time that takes. :)

I've been drooling over the now infamous, Alexander Wang "Rocco" for about a year, and even talked about it here. When this year's version included a shoulder strap, it was pretty much a done deal. So, the other day when I was playing hooky to enjoy the sun, I also NEEDED to make a Barney's run! (I just rhymed! lol!)

Introducing my new A.Wang Rocco...
I just love the studded bottom! Form and Function!
This hidden side zip is perfect for easy access to my phone. 
The pebbled leather is soft, yet feels durable at the same time, and the size is perfect for me. It's about the same size as my LV Speedy's, and I can carry it in the crook of my arm, or use the shoulder strap. Louis Vuitton needs to step it up! Sometimes you just need to be hands free!

And, if you think that's the end of my little bag story, you're couldn't be more wrong. 

Last week, I was suppose to go to an Angels game with my Dad. He has season tickets, and I usually go with him a few times during the Summer. So, we get off the freeway, and are heading into Anaheim Stadium, when we realize that something is missing. The people! I checked the tickets, and we had the day right, but the game was over and had started at noon! LOL! Needless to say, there was a change in plans. We headed to the Block at Orange for a little din-din, and then I coerced my Dad into shopping at the newly opened Neiman Marcus Last Call. When I spotted this L.A.M.B. clutch, I knew I had to have it! It's exactly the pop of color I've been looking for, and at 40% off, I couldn't refuse!
I love this leather tassel, and look at how cute the lining is...
and the dust bag matches!

Now on self imposed shopping restriction. (kinda) ;)


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  2. Great bags. I love Alexander Wang's Darcy bag. I seriously want one. I think it's a purse I could keep for years and years. Love the LAMB clutch. I'm usually not a LAMB fan but it's great. Color especially.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. The LAMB bag looks like it will be a fun going out clutch. I love the A. Wang bag. Sad that it's out of my price range. Although I did find one that looks similar.

  4. I love the alexander wang bag! i just need the bank account to pay for it :(

  5. You KNOW how obsessed I am with the Alexander Wang bag! So gorgeous. Great buy with the clutch, too! I know you're happy :)

  6. Oh, Bren. The A Wang. I'm actually dying. It is absolutely stunning! I love the studs on the bottom and that leather looks fantastic! And that blue clutch is so fun.
    xo Josie

  7. Beautiful beautiful bags, lady you have excellent taste in bags!!! FABULOUS!!! xoxo

  8. the blue bag is to die for!! come follow me xoxo

  9. yay! so happy you bought it! :) and i didn't know about the side pocket until a few days after i bought it... haha!

  10. YAAAAY!!! You did it!!! I knew you would be SO HAPPY once you did! SOOO worth it it's GORGEOUS!!! So jealous! ;)

    and that clutch IS amazing, that's exactly the cobalt blue I was thinking of!

    PS. Let's put together our blogger list over the weekend and touch base on Monday :)

  11. What fabulous finds! Oh, how I wish there was a Nieman Marcus Last Call in my neck of the woods...sigh. How fabulous. :)

  12. The A. Wang bag is fabulous! I love the studded bottom too. You are a lucky girl! And the blue clutch is amazing. I love how it's lined. I love a baseball game, but it sounds like you definitely made up for missing out on the game with a great find like that!

  13. Whoo Hoo! Hot new bag Bren! LOVE IT! And I esp love the shoulder strap! Is it very heavy to carry? You're so right about Fashion Island, as just about everything else! ;) Don't you love the NM Last Call @ The Block? It's sooo clean! Have a great Sunday!

    xx Vivian @

  14. I love the vad from Alexander Wang! :)

    I read that you're a Make-up to :)