Monday, July 26, 2010

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: The Damage

Don't you want to know what's in the bag???  Well, I'm pretty sure you can guess that there's a Rebecca Minkoff bag in there, but which one? It was a tough decision, because in a perfect world, I would've walked out with all four! But yeah...back to reality. It really came down to the fuchsia or the grey. I loved both, but decided to go with this little pretty:

Yay for grey! 

The deciding factor was my cherry red wallet. I didn't like that it clashed with the fuchsia bag.  Is that crazy? Not that anyone is looking in my bag, but it bugged me. I'm not really a matchy kind of girl, but I at least like things to coordinate.  Anyway, here's some more pics of my new bag.
Here it is with the long chain strap (21 inch drop), and while I was in the store, figured out that I could double the strap to create a whole new look!
Definitely more ladylike this way. But then, of course, I can remove the strap entirely to carry it as a clutch. 

Three bags in one! Maybe I should've bought all four! Doesn't the gold look pretty against this dark grey?
Here's a shot of the inside. 
So, I couldn't just stop at one...

My friend talked me into this Christopher Kon hobo bag.

It's a nice, buttery leather, and more casual than my black LV. The braided shoulder strap is sturdy and very comfortable.
I love that the inside is chambray!
The only problem, is now I'm having second thoughts! I like this bag a lot, but I'm DYING for this one:

I paid roughly $200 for the Christopher Kon bag. If I return it, I can put that money towards the A. Wang. Or, should I keep it and get the Wang bag as well? Do I really need both? They're totally different bags, but I have a feeling if I buy the Wang, I'm going to want to carry it all the time. I think I just answered my own question. :) The hardware on the CK is silver and on the AW it's brass. Oh, I don't know what to do. Help!


  1. oooooh! I can't wait for mine to come now!

    If you're having second thoughts on the bag, I think you should return it. You've already been lusting for the AW one - and it sounds like you'll love that one more.

  2. Haul your ass over to gilt. they're selling that AWang for about $400 today...and don't pay full price. I see it on sale REGULARLY!!

    This way you can have all 3.

    I'm a wreck.

    Don't come here for advice if you're trying to save.


  3. Oh, such a good choice with the Rebecca Minkoff! Keep us updated if you get the AW :)

  4. Hey! How was the Renegade Craft Fair?? So jelly I missed it...okay didn't even know about it. Too much mayhem last week.

    Was it as awesome as the pics I saw. Sigh. Monday suckfest continues...

    Girl, get some rest!! You need some days OFF:)


  5. Bren if I see that mother with the strap on sale I will red alert it over here...I can't believe I missed your post re: the Craft Fair.

    Damned family emergencies.


    ooooohhhh thooooose hipsters. hehe

  6. Ahh you might not want my advice - you'll end up with all 3! haha

  7. Yay for Grey Bren! Hmm.. sounds like you've got your heart set on the AW and the CK one just won't cut it as an "instead of" piece. I say return and wait to get the AW you truly want!

    xx Vivian @

  8. I agree with DiamondsandTulle... return the CK or you'll just be thinking about the AW :)

  9. You picked the gray! I LOVE IT! And I'm so with Vivian -- you KNOW you'll end up getting the Wang one anyway; you may as well save a bit...
    xo Josie

  10. Bren, that grey bag is really a classic and it's timeless, too. You'll have it forever if you look after it. Excellent purchases, dear;-)

  11. I think grey was the best choice because it will go with a lot of things! Love the inside of it too!

    I think having no one to add to the load is the best thing of all!

  12. Love all your purchases, and please get the A wang!!! xoxo

  13. Oh, Bren. You REALLY scored this time. I'm so into the gray RM bag! I cannot believe I didn't think to double the strap and wear mine like that. I'm definitely going to do that! I love the black bag you got so much, I think I prefer it over the A Wang bag, especially considering the price. Amazing choices!


  14. I am so jealous!! I avoided that sale like the plague b/c my finances made me :(

    I have been coveting the AW bag FOREVER so I am biased. I like the hobo, but honestly, the AW is H-O-T! If I had it I don't think I'd carry anything else!
    My feeling though is go with your gut. If you the AW is what you really want then I'd return the other one, but if you love the hobo then keep it...either way you need to REALLY LOVE IT.

    Ok well I FB messaged you about this week so lemme know!

  15. Good choices. I really think that lil grey bag will go perfectly with your red wallet. I agree fuschia would have clashed, or at least looked like a bad Valentine's Day combo. Lol.

    I really, really can't wait until I get a job so I can have fun at that sale next year!!

    I hope you're having a fab week! xo

  16. wow i can't even imagine buying two purses! lucky you!!!

  17. I had to catch up on your blog miss because I wanted to see what purse you bought! ;) BUT, I do love my AWang and I think you will too! We obviously both have similar taste... do it!!! ;) haha