Monday, July 5, 2010

Six Month Anniversary

Chasing Beauty is Six Months old today!

I hope you all had an amazing 4th! Yesterday was my first day off, in... I don't know how long, and all I wanted to do was stay in bed and watch movies. But it was the 4th of July,  and I had to do something! As much as I needed to rest, I went to my friend's BBQ, which was a nice, small-ish affair of about 10 people. It was perfect! Super lo-key and just the type of party I needed if I was going to be socializing at all. We did the typical pigging out that one does on the 4th, with plenty of dessert to follow. It didn't take much to put me into a food coma, but by the time fireworks started, I was ready to sleep! I was able to catch a good portion of the Rose Bowl fireworks,  (which were gorgeous) before heading home early to beat the traffic. I couldn't wait to climb into bed, but more importantly, was really looking forward to today and not having to be anywhere! Ahhhhhh! I've been dreaming of this! :)

It wasn't until this morning when I realized, that my very neglected blog turned six months old yesterday! Wow...this year sure is going by fast! I wish it would slow down! Part of why this year seems like such a blur, is because I've been so busy! Too busy.  I've decided that I need to start saying NO more often, and taking better care of myself. This isn't always possible, but I can definitely improve in this area. Even just to carve out a little more downtime to recharge my batteries. It's hard to feel inspired and creative when you're running on fumes. I'd love to have more time to devote to the blog, and to get in more blog reading! I feel like I've been missing so much! Aside from blogging, it's Summertime, and I'm craving warm weather activities like:  a day at the pool with a good book, a beach party complete with bonfire and s'mores, margaritas with girlfriends on a balmy Summer night, and a picnic under the stars at the Hollywood Bowl, just to name a few. I'd really like to check some of these off the list, by the time Fall rolls around!

Hopefully this month will bring a balance to my work, life, and blog. I desperately need it! Thank you all so much for sticking with me, while I navigate this uncharted territory. Your comments and words of encouragement keep me going!



  1. Congratulations Bren!!! I know how fast the time goes by! My To-Do list keeps growing and I feel like I keep falling behind more and more. Good Luck with the balancing act - I know it's a daily struggle and takes conscious effort! Have a good week!

    x Vivian @

  2. Happy 6 months! Glad you got a little time off, hope you're getting to enjoy yourself more in the near future!

  3. Happy Blogversary Lady, and I am very glad I found you, I love your updates so here is to a great 6 months after. Make sure you get that time to take care of your self hun,


  4. HAPPY 6 MONTHS darling, and I LOVE your blog, much much LOVE, J, xoxo

  5. Happy 6 month anniversary, Bren! Sounds like you had a great day off and a nice 4th. Hope you have a restful week!


  6. Happy anniversary! I am glad you had a great 4th. I can't wait to hear all about it.

    xo Marcie

  7. Happy Anniversary. I too just started my blog and I know what you mean about being finding a balance with work, family, and blogging!

  8. congrats - happy 6th months!!

  9. Congrats on 6 months! I agree..the year is going by fast! So glad you had a nice 4th!

  10. Happy half-birthday to your blog! SO exciting. Please do take some time for yourself, love!
    xo Josie

  11. Happy 6 months! You know I'm one of your biggest fans. I look forward to the next 6, and reading all your wonderful post. : )

  12. Hey Bren! Congrats on 6 months! I am glad you got some rest in...I need some of that myself! Let me know when you have some free time and we'll hook up!