Thursday, July 29, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair: Part 2

I adore stationery, and have been known to doddle for hours while in some of my favorite paper stores. I knew that stationery would have a strong pressence at Renegade, and I was not disappointed. There was so much variety, that even I was overwhelmed by choice. I'm great at buying cards, but not always great at sending them. Oops. ;) So, I was a good girl, and only bought what I would actually use. 

One of my first stationery stops was at the In-Vita Paper Studio booth. In-Vita has a wide range of darling greeting cards, thank you notes, and invitations! They also do personalized stationery, and even wedding invites.
I had to refrain from buying one of everything!
I'm obsessed with the pattern of these blank note cards! And the colors are right up my alley! I bought these two.
The next stop on my stationery tour was to the Jen Hewett booth.
Jen is based in San Francisco, and likes working with different media. She not only illustrates, but also silkscreens some of her sewn items. I'm already wishing that I would've bought more from her, but she does have an Etsy shop. Already bookmarked and saved in my favorites. :)
What girl doesn't love shoes? These cards and prints stole my heart. The little floral notebooks were pretty sweet too!
The shoes showed up again on natural linen zippered bags. Perfect for storing makeup! :)
I'm kicking myself for not getting this one, now that I'm looking at it again. This bag looks just like that paper from elementary school, that we used to learn how write in "cursive." Wouldn't this be  the cutest back-to-school present?
I just can't get enough of this "wellies" print! As much as I adored everything in Jen's shop, I used restraint and picked up these cards:

There were so many amazing artists at RCF! I could've had a whole week of posts to showcase them all! Instead, I encourage you to go next year, and support these talented, indie creators! I'm sure that the 2011 RCF will be even better!


  1. So many cute things! I know I would have looked for hours :)

  2. all this is incredible, I probably wouldn't of left :)


  3. I'm so sorry I missed this! But so glad you're sharing your finds. Some truly great things.

    happy weekend!

  4. WOW!!! I love everything here, they are all so LOVELY!!! xoxo

  5. Such cute stuff! I would have spent the whole day there.

  6. I looove stationary! The In-Vita ones are my favorites!
    xo Josie

  7. ohmygoodness. I would die for a renegade craft fair!! so much amazing stuff in such a small spot. i would be cashless at the end of the day!