Monday, July 12, 2010

In My Bag

Last week, Katie from Fashion's Maven, basically tagged everyone to do a "What's In My Bag" post. Since I've been wanting to switch to one of my shoulder bags, I figured this would be the perfect time to show you what I carry.  Let's get started!
This is the bag I've been lugging all of my stuff in, for the past couple of months. The Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy 30. I bought it back in 2007, and it's proved to be a worthy investment.  I love taking it out of it's dust bag, at the first signs of Spring! At three years old, it's still holding up really well, although I do miss the ivory tone of the leather it had when it was new. Here it is when I first brought it home.
Wasn't it pretty? As soon as I switch to my "Fall" bags, this one is going in for service. I'm going to have all of the leather replaced, so that next Spring it'll look brand new.

So, back to what it looks like now.
It's hard to tell by this picture, how much stuff is in there, but it holds a ton! Here's another pic. I had to hit it with a little flash because it was too dark in there.
Inside my LV, I have a Purseket to help keep me organized. Otherwise, everything would be floating around, all over the place.
Here's the whole thing emptied out. I'm surprised I don't need a chiropractor!
Vintage frames for my prescription glasses. (I'm near sighted)
Louis Vuitton Vernis Koala Wallet and 4-Key Holder in Pomme, broken key-less remote for car and mini lip gloss by Lola. (Which is probably rancid because it's so old. Does Lola even exist anymore?)
Random mail to go out, plastic bag full of pharmaceuticals and deodorant, Paul & Joe for Target coin purse (usually I keep this in the car, full of quarters for the meters. It's in my bag as a reminder to replenish), and Louis Vuitton Damier Pouchette (used as a makeup bag).
In the LV Pouchette:
  • Armani Lipstick - This was gratis and not officially labeled. It says #31. (cherry red)
  • MAC Hello Kitty Lustre Lipstick - Most Popular
  • Tarte Lip Gloss - Two colors from a holiday gift set (unlabeled)
  • Patricia Wexler M.D. - Advanced No Injection Lip Plumper
  • NYX Lip Gloss - Tea Rose, French Kiss & Smokey Look
  • Laura Mercier Lip Glace - Blush
  • Clinique Almost Lipstick - Black Honey
  • Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Damned
  • NYX Lip Pencils - Natural & Mauve
  • Stila Lip Pencil - No. 16
  • Physician's Formula Felt Tip Eye Marker - Ultra Black
  • Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer - Nectarine Mint
  • Clear Eyes
  • Entrance Badge from the Metropolitan Museum of Art ( I miss NYC!)

The Technology:
  • Flash Drive
  • iPhone 4 and 3g (now used as an iPod touch)
  • Flip HD
  • Canon PowerShot Digital Elph - SD 630 (old but gets the job done. Using the camera so only the case is featured)

Random Extras:
  • Love & Toast Hand Cream - Paper Flower
  • Room key for the Beverly Hills Hotel
  • Pouch full of gift cards
  • Business cards, free panty card from VS, Starbucks Pick of the Week download cards
  • MAC Studio Fix
  • Altoids Smalls
  • Pilot G-2 pen
  • Hair tie and bobby pins
  • Forever 21 earrings
  • Tarte lip gloss
  • Essie nail polish - Watermelon
  • Lancome Virtuose Black Carat mascara (to go into my kit)
Someone wanted to help, when I was taking pictures. :)

In case you were wondering which bag I switched to, it's this Linea Pelle shoulder bag.

Now that my bag is all organized (long overdue, btw) I'm tagging all of my lovely readers to do their own "In My Bag" post! I can't wait to take a peek!


  1. Isn't it amazing how much makeup we all lug around?!

  2. Loving all your LV accessories! The red wallet is so cute. And those vintage glasses are awesome, I bet they look so great on!

  3. I LOVE both bags! So happy you did this, such a fun post to do :)

  4. I love those vintage glasses!!!!

  5. It looks like the same amount of things that are in my purse! I love your cat eye glasses! I adore those kind.

  6. Linea Pelle... JEALOUS. And I love, LOVE your superchic Louis Vuitton bag; thats the prettiest shape and I love the gray!
    xo Josie

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE your vintage prescription glasses xoxo

  8. Love this post and the Damier print is my absolute favorite. I have the darker LV Never Full Messenger Bag and I use it everyday. AND It's still going strong. Definitely a worthy investment :)

    Natasha xoxo

  9. Love your stuff Bren! I've had Essie - Watermelon in my purse all weekend too! What a coincidence!

    xx Vivian @