Tuesday, August 10, 2010

$65 Dollars For Mascara?

Last week, when I was at Barney's to pick up Mr. Alexander Wang, I spent a little time playing at the makeup counter. I hardly ever do this, because I'm surrounded by makeup and beauty products all day, but it's part of my job to stay on top of things. 

I had been wanting to check out Serge Lutens minimalist makeup line for sometime, and I had just enough time to really get my hands dirty and test each product. I've been using SL makeup remover pads on my clients for a while, so I knew the line was pricey, but $65 dollars for a mascara?! You've got to be out of your mind!!! Well, I may actually be out of mine, because I can't stop thinking about it! It really is the most amazing mascara I've ever tried, and I've tried everything! I will even go as far as to say, it is the HOLY GRAIL of mascaras! What's so amazing about it? Well, let me tell you...

It has a comb wand, which makes it perfect for getting to the base of the lash,  the color is SO inky-black and glossy, it volumizes and lengthens without clumping, and your lashes are left with a flexible hold. There's zero crunchiness to this mascara! It also deposits a bit of color at the lash line, giving you the look of a lightly lined eye. There literally, is nothing of this quality on the market, and that quality comes at a steep price. Yes, there are plenty of good mascaras out there, that get the job done. My favorites have always been drugstore brands, partially because I go through them so quick, but mostly because they work. Mascara is where I usually "save," so I can splurge on things like Armani Foundation. But, now that I've found the HG of mascaras, how will I ever be satisfied with my usual Maybelline?

The rest of the line is a well edited collection of basics, of the highest quality. (and the highest price!) Some of my favorites are:

Most fine powders are triple milled, but Serge Lutens takes this a step further. This powder/foundation has the most velvety texture, and creates a flawless finish without looking dry or cakey.

Blusher as they call it, is more of a really beautiful bronzer. It has the same texture as the Compact Foundation, with an ever so slight luminosity. You're paying extra for the fancy case for both of these powders, but they do sell them individually as refills for $80.  (bargain)

Yes, $75 for a lipstick! Again, you're paying for the case as these are refillable as well. ($55) Packed in each sleek tube is a high amount of pigment. It only took the tiniest amount of lip color to give me the most gorgeous, berry stained lips. I also tried their Lip Pencil $55, which is pretty much a "one color - suits most." I typically don't use lip liner, but the tone of this one is surprising. I loved how it perfected my lip line without looking overdrawn or outdated.

I already mentioned that I've been using these for a while, and they are the most incredible things ever! They aren't wet, like typical wipe removers, instead they have a dry/oil feel. They remove everything, including the most stubborn waterproof mascara, and leave zero mess behind. You're left with a clean and moisturized eye area. Honestly, they are like nothing you've ever used to remove your makeup. I was floored the first time I used them, and now they've become a staple in my kit. (an expensive staple)

I know these prices are ridiculous for most people, but I'm a makeup artist and can write this stuff off. Still, I'm curious...Would you spend $65 on mascara? Am I crazy for even thinking about it?


  1. that's seems like a WHOLE lotta money for mascara - but who am i kidding - i use to buy the stuff - now i'm cheap and go to CVS and get the $10 stuff

  2. First I have to roll laughing at Mr. Alexander Wang....AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Next - get pills. $65 for mascara????

    holy mother of pearl!!

    then again i don't really use any makeup outside of bare minerals (hangs head in shame) because i don't have a clue what to do with it! help!

    whatever. just get it. i'm useful, aren't i?


  3. $65 is insane for mascara, but you have me wanting to try it now! I love a lot of drugstore brands too but I lovvvvvve my MUFE Smoky Lash and Dior Extase. So nice!

    I think my makeup held up ok on Sat! The pics are pretty telling, I was definitely hot and tired looking by 10 that night but I thought the LM primer and tinted moisturizer combo held up well for the Alabama heat! Thank you for all the tips! :)

  4. Bren, if it's that great AND you can write it off, I think you're crazy for not thinking about it. I'm a huge mascara person, mostly because I don't wear much makeup besides mascara so I need that to really work well for me. Tell me your faves that are on the less expensive side! I'd consider paying $65 if I were having a bad day and needed a pick me up and pulled out my wallet before actually thinking it through. Ha! I've done these things in the past, so I know it's possible. But when I'm thinking straight and having a good day, I'd have a hard time with it. Maybe if they tried it on me and I felt like it was amazing I'd buy it on a sane day. Then I'd force myself to eat tuna for a week to justify the splurge. ;)


  5. hell naw!
    I cringe buying Dior Shadow. I just know I can find a drugstore or cheaper version to produce the same results.

  6. Wow..that is a lot of money! But if it's as amazing at you say then I guess it's probably worth it. I don't think I could ever justify it though. I usually like a more natural look, so drugstore brands work just fine for me!

  7. I would love to be able to spend that much on mascara! It sounds amazing. If only....I totally would if I had the money!

  8. I am fortunate enough to have long black lashes so no way would I spend that amount...but if you know of a fantastic under eye concealer let me know, for that I would dish out major

  9. I'm a guy so I have no idea about mascara other than general knowledge of what it is used for... with that said, I do have business savvy, and if you want it and can write it off as a business expense then I see no reason why you shouldn't get it. Plus, depending on how you charge, it could be priced as a luxury item your clients who might pay extra for a top shelf item, and it could set you apart from what the competition offers. If its for personal use it assist you in demonstrating your talent as a make-up artist, which is marketing. Win-Win Just some thoughts : )
    I think the "buys" have it.

  10. I can't do it. Just can't. I go drugstore for almost everything (Neutrogena, represent!) but splurge on Dior mascara because I'm in love with the stuff!
    xo Josie

  11. Whoa! That's one pricey tube of mascara. I know it has a lot of pros, but Cover Girl Lash Blast is juuuust fine with me! Haha!

    Hope you're well, darling!

  12. Really that much?!! But the way you describe it makes it sound so lovely. But no, I can't do it; oh maybe I can . . . :)

    xo M

  13. This HG of mascara does sound magical! haha But, I have pretty long / naturally dark eye lashes so I usually don't even wear mascara. I would rather save the $65 and put it towards a new cleansing product or go get a facial! ;)

  14. No I can't spend $65 on mascara, but perhaps I will for a meal :) xoxo

  15. I would spent that amount of money on mascara, but I do not use mascara. Get it if you can write it off. I do the same with Art;-)

  16. Ok...for the average person $65 for mascara is absolute insanity (unless you are a kept woman, independently wealthy or mentally ill)

    But YOU are a makeup artist by trade, therefor I think it makes complete sense that you would have the best of the best products in that arsenal of yours. And hey, if a perk of being a MU artist means you have to test said products on yourself...well that's just you being thorough!!

    It's a write off...GO FOR IT!!


  17. You inspired me! I do see a difference between high end mascaras and the Walgreen's brands, sorry to say. I believe it's all in the bristles and the Carbon and after years of using the cheapies women end up having to go the expensive route to get their lashes back with latisse! I am also a make up artist and Loreal voluminous rocks it when I am in a bind and get a hold of my regular at home and make up kit mascara diorshow. I also think taking it off gently with the proper make up remover is essential. Your new follower, Gina

  18. I shouldn't have read this post. I love make-up (I used to work at MAC) and am ALWAYS buying and trying new stuff. Yes, I would fork out that much for a mascara! I'm mad, I know. And I also quite like drugstore mascaras usually - that's the only kind of drugstore makeup I buy.