Sunday, October 10, 2010

Riviera Palm Springs

A couple of weeks ago, it was feeling like Summer in LA. Then it turned to Fall for about a week, including the first rain of the season (unheard of in early Oct.), and now we're back to Summer! This multiple personality thing, LA has going on, is making my head spin! And,  making me want to head back to Palm Springs where the temperature is fairly! I was lucky enough to spend a relaxing weekend in the desert, during our first Summer stint, and the weather was perfect! 104 degrees for Palm Springs is ideal for hanging in the pool all day with a cocktail in hand, and that's exactly what I did!

Rather than staying at one of the hots spots in PS, I chose to stay at the Riviera Resort & Spa where I didn't need to leave the property. I had stayed at the Riviera years ago, but  this was before they underwent a massive renovation. I was so impressed with what they've done with the place! The new decor reflects that Old Hollywood glamour, that made the "Riv" popular, back when "old blue eyes' vacationed here.

There were the most amazing chandeliers throughout this hotel! 
They have a great restaurant at the resort, where I had the most amazing breakfast, with the BEST pancake EVER! I'm not sure if it was the actual pancake or the maple syrup, but I literally dream about it now!
The pancake!
I loved that it wasn't enormous, and wasn't a stack. Just one, normal sized, PHENOMENAL pancake!  So Yummy!

The pool area was gorgeous, and loungy, complete with poolside bar, cabanas, and fire pits for after dark.

Here's the pool in full swing! It's funny how when you first get to the pool you don't know anyone, and by the end of the day (and several cocktails later), you've made friends!
Gone are the days of meeting guys in Palm Springs. Instead, 3 girls having a mini break in the desert, met 3 other girls doing the same! We met up for late night cocktails by the pool, and have now become Facebook friends, and even bloggy friends! 

Saturday was the big poolside day, but Sunday was all spa-ahhh!

This is where I got my very expensive mani-pedi. Seriously, my nails should have been painted in 24k gold! My manicurist was sweet though, a good painter, and spoke English! ;)

The spa was gorgeous, and had this incredible lounge area to relax in while waiting for your next treatment. I couldn't really get the lighting right in my pics.
I found a better one online, and this really is what it looked like!
The facial and massage I had, were fantastic, but I could've been just as happy spending the entire day in this room! Next time I'll make sure that I allow for more R & R here. 

And, hopefully next time will come soon!


  1. Oh, this looks absolutely AMAZING! Palm Springs is at the top of my must-go list -- it always looks so relaxing! And no one, my dear, deserves that more than you!
    xo Josie

  2. WOW! This place is beautiful!! The pools look amazing..especially that indoor one at the spa! Sounds like the perfect weekend : )


  3. Fun! That decor is amazing and I am loving the pancakes.

    xo M

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing time! Beautiful pics!

  5. Oh la la! Even I'm feeling more blissful after looking at these photos! Sounds like a wonderful weekend - pancake included!

  6. Love your blog! Please visit/join mine:)

  7. Bren I am completely jealous of your little vacation! I have been craving a Palm Springs trip like whoa!!! How fun!

  8. Omg you are so fabulous it KILLS me!! These photos are gorgeous. I'm totally jealous!

  9. ohmygosh this place looks amazing! I'd love to go here.. and eat that pancake!

  10. These pics make me want to get in the car and leave immediately!!!

  11. This place looks absolutely fabulous! So beautiful!! Looks like the most relaxing and fun time too!

  12. This place looks incredible! I love those chandeliers! and I would have devoured that pancake :)


  13. Look at that place... GORGEOUS!! Next time, take me with?? And those chandies... yup, i kinda LOVE 'em! :-)

  14. Bren, this place is incredible! It looks like a dream come true (especially that room in the spa). You look so relaxed and happy here. It's so funny/true about meeting girls now instead of guys. Haha. And that red chandelier is so cool. I could use a weekend just like this.


  15. Sounds like a totally glammy and relaxing weekend Bren! I've only tried one weekend getaway in PS before and it wasn't too fun for us. We didn't know the whole drill apparently.

    P.S. Yup - did make it to the RB flea market - but pretty much got sunstroke and left after an hour. And the Taco Truck is El Taquitos on Fair Oaks!

  16. Let's run away there, uh, now.


  17. Oh so jealous!! Looks gorgeous and relaxing. And that pancake looks fabulous!

  18. This looks like heaven right now! Kidnap me the next time you go, k? :)