Thursday, April 1, 2010

Filling the Domino Void

Ever since Domino magazine closed in 2009, I've been trying to find other home decor mags for inspiration. Nothing has quite measured up to my beloved Domino, that is until I met Lonny. Although you won't find Lonny on the newsstands, this new e-zine is strictly online only. The 3rd issue was just released and I must say that I'm quickly growing attached! Just feast your eyes on these images and see why! 

Also, there seems to be a newbie in town...Nesting Newbies to be exact!

Another homey e-zine has hit the block, and this one has some great party planning inspiration as well as home decor. Check out this sampling:

What e-zines are you reading? (home, fashion or otherwise)


  1. Ohhh thanks for these sites! I've been missing Domino too and these seem like they might fill the void :)

  2. i love Lonny Mag!! I've been following since the beginning. although I've never heard of nesting newbies, thanks for that one! ;)

  3. gorgeous interior deco! i love anything with calming feel. white, gray, black, and a slight hint of blue are perfect!