Thursday, April 8, 2010

P.S. I Love You

Once I get back from Chicago, I have one more photoshoot here in LA...then it's off to Palm Springs for the weekend to meet up with one of my best friends! We both have MAJOR Spring fever, and are excited  to soak up a little sun, and of course get in some great outlet shopping! One of the things I'm most looking forward to, is brunch at Norma's! I haven't been to the Palm Springs location yet, but I never miss hitting Norma's-NYC when I'm in the city! It's unbelievably yummy! Since Norma's is located at the the Parker,  I figured I needed to do a little outfit planning. Here's what I came up with:



Wouldn't that YSL ring  look AMAZING with this outfit?!


  1. Have so much fun in Chicago!! :)
    I haven't forgotten about you...I am trying to get organized launching a whole new site plus doing the TV thing...not to worry about being in front of the's a flip and so not intimidating. :):) I am going to email you soon and we can discuss! xoxo

  2. That Rebecca Minkoff clutch is AMAZING. What a fab color!
    Have fun in Chicago!
    xxoo Josie

  3. That sounds like such a fun weekend! I have major Spring fever too and would love to be sitting by a pool right now in the sun. I love the outfit you picked out. I have that Rebecca Minkoff clutch in pink! Have a great trip!

  4. Those sandals are gorgeous... I want them!!!


  5. I agree, super cute outfit.
    Have fun in the sun!

  6. Have fun! Love the outfit, esp the sunnies :)
    Answered your question over in my comments!