Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring 2010: Ralph Lauren Beauty

As inspiring as Ralph Lauren's collection is, the makeup and hair created by Tom Pecheux and Guido Palau, are equally as fresh. I'm loving how minimal and clean this look is. A welcome reprieve from Fall/Winter's darker makeup.


"The inspiration for the show was The Grapes Of Wrath, so it was about making the girls look naturally beautiful," said makeup artist Tom Pecheux. "This makeup is pure and innocent."

Pecheux applied a very small of foundation. "We're using the minimum amount needed to even out of the skin, then covering any dark circles and imperfections with concealer," he said. He then swept powder over the T-zone and any shiny spots. "We don't want powder all over because their cheeks should be dewy and glowing."

Pecheux swept bronzer and blush over the models' cheeks for "a healthy, flushed effect. If she's pale, we're using pink blush; on olive skin, a peachy color; on dark skin, a bronze shade." He filled in the lips with a pencil one shade darker than the model's natural lip color.

Pecheux used no eyeshadow, and just a bit of white eyeliner pencil drawn on the inner corners to highlight the eyes. "This gives the eyes a fresh look." He applied mascara on the tips of the lashes for a subtle hint of color.

To suit the collection's Depression-era inspiration (lots of denim and faded, print dresses), hairstylist Guido Palau created four basic styles—a low knot that's tight; a low, messy knot; down and loose; and a low, loose ponytail. He applied Redken Thickening Lotion to damp hair and blow-dried it first just with his fingers, then with a round brush.

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