Friday, February 26, 2010

Virtual Vacation: Moorland View - Devon, England

One of my favorite movies is The Holiday.  In the movie, two women (Iris played by Kate Winslett & Amanda played by Cameron Diaz) become intertwined when they swap houses as part of a holiday Home Exchange. The house, that Amanda rents is called "Rosehill Cottage," and is as quaint as a cottage could be. Exactly the kind of romantic place I dream of staying! Only I can't stay there, because it’s not a real house.  It’s a fiberglass set.

Here’s a what the cottage looks like in the film:

And here is Moorland View. A real rental in Devon, England:

Doesn't this look just like Rosehill Cottage?
When I came across this sweet little house, I immediately put it in my "Dream Destination" file!
Moorland View is a boutique cottage in an idyllic 13th century village in the hills of Dartmoor National Park, Devon, UK. (about 3 hours outside of London)  It has everything you could want…charming decor, a cozy wood burning fireplace, a copper tub for two, complimentary use of the nearby Bovey Castle country club and spa, and there’s even a local village pub. All set within one of the UK's prettiest historic villages.
Ok, seriously this would be like vacationing in the movie! Now if only I could get Jude Law to come knocking at my door…

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  1. Isn't the internet wonderful. Traveling to almost anywhere and in my pajamas still. One of my favorite movies, too!