Monday, February 1, 2010

Office Inspiration: Pink Glamour

I'm beginning to think about #4 on my 2010 Goals List, and honing in on my style for the room. I decided to look through my archives, and found some pics that I forgot I had. Interestingly enough, I still like them! You see, when you love design in all forms, you can appreciate anything and everything. It becomes very hard to decide on just "one" direction. I'm pretty sure that I want some version of a pink, Hollywood Glamour room, but open to mixing it up a bit. Pink is something that has always stuck with me, ever since I was little, and I love anything that nods to the past.  I think these images are exactly what I'm feeling for this space...

I love, love, love this chandelier! Unfortunately, it's way, way, way out of my price range!

This isn't pink, but it could be! I've always loved this image from the now defunct Domino magazine. A collection of black & white photos, all framed in black would look amazing on a pink wall!

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