Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ten Month Anniversary

Chasing Beauty is Ten Months old today!

I almost forgot that today was my ten month blogiversary! I know I'm suppose to be in NY on a work trip, but I'm seriously having the most amazing time! I can't think of any city I'd rather be in right now to celebrate this little milestone, and kick off my birthday month! 

Packing for NYC is never easy for me. I always want to take tons of outfits, with plenty of accessorizing options, and then I end up wearing the same four things everyday. It's ridiculous! So this trip, I decided to be honest with myself and just bring essentials. I'm proud to say that I brought everything I needed for a week, including makeup supplies for my client, in one carry on suitcase! (Well, one carry-on suitcase and an additional large tote bag) 
With the addition of two pairs of boots (one of which I wore on the plane), a trench coat (also worn on the plane), and a leather jacket, I managed to pack perfectly for once! The only thing I didn't need to bring, but couldn't possibly leave at home, were my new Miu Miu's! I know I had talked about them  being  in the running for the big b-day purchase, but I've decided to hunt down those Louboutin's
Let's call the Miu Miu's my Ten Month blogiversary shoes! ;)  (Anyway I can justify two extravagant shoe purchases!)



  1. Happy 10 months Chasing Beauty.... the shoes are amazing.....

    Just an FYI I put you under my link love category......

    Enjoy NYC!


  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!
    Hope you are having a fab time in NY!
    Love your shoes!!!! They are perfection!!!


  3. do what you need to do girl. you work hard and it's your blogiversary (2 fab reasons right there!) yay!!

    i kinda lurrrrve that fur vest/sweater thing too!


  4. Oh, MY. Those shoes. I adore, Bren. And you most definitely deserve them! Congratulations on your blogiversary... Here's to many more, dear!
    xo Josie

  5. Oh Bren, the Miu Miu's are gorgeous! Get the Louboutin's too - you deserve them :)

  6. OMG!!!! You got the Miu Miu's!! BREN!! Congrats!!!!! SOOOOOO exciting!!!!!!!!

    HAppy 10 months!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  7. happy anniversary to you! and EEEKKK! those shoes! lucky lucky u!

  8. The Miu Mius are better in your photos than the stock images! And I just love seeing "our" RM purse in pictures. It's seriously the perfect bag, isn't it?!

    What is the orange and white polka dot garment? It looks familiar, but I can't place it.
    Style Obsession
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  9. Those Miu Miu's are amazing! Can't wait to see the Louboutin's you will purchase. :)

  10. Happy 10 month old and those Miu Miu shoes are tdf!!!


  11. Seriously DYING over here Bren!!! Those Miu Miu's are so beautiful - you're one lucky lady!! ;) Looks like you will be stylin' in NYC this week - PS: where is that fur collared sweater from?!

  12. Happy Anniversary :)
    Those heels are divine! Love those. Your collection of clothes here looks so nice. You have such great taste!
    Glad you are enjoying your time in NY!

  13. Happy 10 you, your blog and your ridiculously awesome new shoes!!!!!

  14. Happy 10 month anniversary Bren!!! And Happy [early or belated] Birthday! LOVE your new 10 month-versary shoes and can't wait to see you new bday shoes! Good job on the fabulous packing! Who is that fur and tweed coat by? Love it!!! I know you're having a blast in NYC! Can't wait to hear more when you get back!

    xx Vivian @
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  15. You got the Miu Miu's! LOVE them, Bren! Happy belated blogiversary and happy birthday! Hope you're having a great day and hope you're wearing one of your fabulous new pairs of shoes.


  16. i need those shoes! :) IM BACK! :) AND SO IS MY FREE BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM

  17. SO...I'm back, my issues are fixed and life is good again! I was having some serious technical difficulties! Long story! Anyway gotta figure out a reschedule for our date. What is your schedule like the first week of Dec??

    PS. They Miu Miu's are insane, as is that leopard hat...NEED ONE!!

  18. I love the polka dots!! And those Miu Miu's are absolutely amazing!!