Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fashion Bloggers Design for Coach

Who would've ever thought that bloggers would have so much influence? Coach has just commissioned four prominent fashion bloggers, Emily Shuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere, Karla Deras of Karla's Closet, Kelly Framel of The Glamourai and Krystal Simpson of What is Reality Anyway?, to design limited edition handbags. Each bag represents the individual blogger's personality and style, combined with Coach's buttery leather, and solid construction.

The collection will be available for pre-order on May 19 and sold exclusively on Coach.com. Prices range from $398 - $498.

Here's a peek at their gorgeous designs:

I love this ballet pink satchel that Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere designed. The long strap makes it easily converted to a cross body style, and the chain gives it a little edge. ($498)

Karla of Karla's Closet has designed the perfect black clutch, which also converts to a shoulder bag. ($398)

Kelly of The Glamouri designed this dove grey, embossed drawstring pouch. ($398) A great bag to go with all of your Spring/Summer neutrals.

Krystal of What is Reality Anyway? created this fringed shoulder bag, with heart and feather charms. ($498)

Yesterday, Coach tweeted a couple of the inspiration boards for these handbags. Coincidentally, they happen to be my favorites.

What do you think of their designs? Will you be ordering?


  1. Emily's and Karla's are my favorites as well! I love the ballet-slipper shade of Emily's bag so much.
    xxoo Josie

  2. Emily's is my favorite!

  3. I love Emily's and Karla's designs! I agree- it's amazing how much influence fashion bloggers can have! I'd love to get my hands on either of these bags.


  4. I think this is so great!!! I love Emily's the pale pink is adorable but if I was to buy one I would buy Karla's (that was my absolute fav!). Will you be buying one?

    PS: So glad you liked 'An Education!'

  5. I would totally get the pink one! I love the inspiration boards too. Unfortunately, they will be out of my price range.

  6. I love emily and kelly's they are gorgeous neutral shades, but still spring-y, what lucky girls!

  7. I love the colour of the cupcakes and cashmere one and the slouchiness of the karla's closet one! It's great that bloggers have so much influence on the fashion world at the moment!


  8. i love kelly's! all are so reflective of their individual style...


  9. DILEMMA! I really want Emily's bag and have been thinking about since last week. It is available for pre-order early tomorrow morning. The downside is that it is $498. That is a lot of money, and I don't know if I am ready for that kind of a splurge. But I really want it. What should I do?

    :) Marcie

  10. Love Emily's - such a gorgeous color! What a great idea by Coach!

  11. Marcie,

    You have come to the wrong person looking for advice! :D I'm the worst influence EVER! I'd say order one of each! LOL! Seriously though, I would order it if you truly love it and would be sad if it sold out. I think these are limited, so you might only have one chance to get your dream bag. I'm sure you could always return it if it doesn't live up to your expectations, though I'm pretty sure it will.

    I say do it!

    Personally I'm debating getting Karla's bag, but I think I need a larger black shoulder bag. Still thinking about it. One thing to consider with Emily's pale pink bag...it might show dirt and wear a little sooner than a darker bag. Just something to think about.

    Let me know if you decide to get it!


  12. P.S. Bren, I just loved your comment :) The Earl Grey comment made me laugh...I'm afraid I'm still stuck in my rut!

  13. Ok, I DID IT! After pouring over the decision for weeks, I called Coach with the intent of getting the 411 on the bag, and she actually let me order it early! There are only 250 being offered, and when I heard that, I pulled the trigger. I need a summer bag (all my bags are black or brown), and I love the long shoulder strap. If I end up having buyers remorse (which I highly doubt), I can always return it.

    I am soo excited, but have to wait until June when it ships out.

    I think Karla's bag may be the same type of deal, so you can always order it, see it in person, then decide. My vote is to get it!! (can you tell how excited I am)


  14. Marcie: I'm SO excited for you! You'll have to post pics when it arrives! It really is a pretty color, and a nice sized bag! I'm sure you'll love it! I'm such a pink girl...I'm surprised I'm not obsessed with that bag! It's just that I need a black shoulder bag right now. Pink will have to wait. Super happy for you though! :D

  15. Oh yeah, I have to say Karla's is the best for overall function and practicality. Emily's is super cute but more of an extra handbag to mix in than a staple for everyday....
    I want to design a handbag!! Can i be next?? hahaha!
    I had so much fun yesterday! Let's get together again soon!


  16. lucky lucky girls! Personally i love Krystal and Kelly's bags. Loving the fringing xxx

  17. Wow, congrats, Marcie, on buying the C&C bag. I would absolutely love to, but it's not in the financial forecast for me right now.

    LOVE the blog!! :-) So glad I stopped by.

  18. Love emilys and karlas
    Keep in touch

  19. I'm in love with Kelly's bag, but unfortunately it's not in the cards for me. I have a few other financial priorities right now. And if it's meant to be, I'll find it on eBay some day. :-)