Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two of My New Obsessions

First of all, you have to click on over and visit Jamie of Glam Latte. In her post today, she's got an exclusive, behind the scenes look, of a shoot that we did for her upcoming Glam Latte TV. It was SO much fun, that I can't wait to do the next one! Thanks Jamie! (and Patty, who took all of the photos!)

When I saw the pictures, I noticed that a couple of my new favorite things had made it into the shoot! Since I'm typically a "behind the camera" kind of girl, I was so glad that I thought to get a manicure beforehand! I can't imagine the horror, if I would've spaced on this little detail! The color I'm wearing in the photo is none other than Essie's Bachelorette Bash.

As described on the website: A creamy, juicy fuchsia.

I actually found out about this color in a funny way. I was watching demos by Bobbi Brown on QVC, not because I was planning on buying anything, I just like to watch her work. She's always been an inspiration to me, so if I happen to catch her, I watch. Anyway, she was wearing the most gorgeous nail polish and I just HAD to know what it was! So I tweeted her and asked! LOL! And guess what...she tweeted back! Bachelorette bash really is that perfect bright pink for Spring, and will look equally amazing with a tan as we move into Summer! Sorry've been replaced!

My other new obsession is my cheapo, $5 H&M turquoise ring.


Many of you know that I've been looking for a turquoise ring, and blogged about my "dream ring" here. While it's not the fancy YSL that I love, this little bargain has more than satisfied my urge for a bit of turquoise. I literally wear it with everything! I'd love to provide a direct link to purchase, but sadly H&M still has NO online shopping! I mean's 2010! Everyone has an online store! How can a retailer be SO on trend when it comes to fashion, and be stuck in the 90's when it comes to their website?! Come on H&M, time to get with the times.

Also noted in the photos...I seriously need a tan!


  1. Oh I LOVE LOVE your ring and that essie polish is the perfect color. I'm currently wearing a bright pink color too! :)

  2. Bren, I love your nail polish and your turquoise ring in these pictures! I was also thinking how great you look in your skinny cargo pants! And you did a beautiful job on Jamie's makeup! She looks flawless.



  3. PS: I'm with you on the tan thing! I'm thinking about trying a spray tan for my first time... nervous!

  4. Love them both!

  5. I LOVE the new ring (so gorgeous and I'm super into anything turquoise right now) and that nail polish is such a fun, punchy color!
    xxoo Josie

  6. Oh I just love the pink nails with that gorgeous turquoise ring...the colors go perfectly together! I went over and checked out Glam Latte. Love the makeup job you did!

  7. Bren: So much to comment on here! Like Poppies above, I love the pink with your ring...which is actually much cuter than the YSL version...and I love Bobbi Brown now EVEN MORE b/c she tweeted back...that is just the coolest...heading over to see the link now!

  8. I wish I lived in LA, you could do my make-up. You do great work. That turquoise ring looks great against the pink nail polish!


  9. That was really sweet of her to tweet you back! I love that nail polish. And your turqoise ring is FABULOUS! xoxo

  10. Bren I totally had a blast yesterday! I loved that we had almost the same nail color too!
    Can't wait to do it again soon!
    And everyone is right, those cargos are FAB!!

  11. That's a beautiful nail polish color--and what a fun name, right?

    I've had a thing for turquoise jewelry for a while now, and that ring is a great piece!

  12. Great ring! Went to H&M today and picked up a few things. I wish they did on-line orders too. That's the perfect summer nail polish color. :)

  13. I also love that ring!