Thursday, May 20, 2010

Forever In Blue Jeans

After spending the Winter living in leggings and boots, I seriously had neglected my denim wardrobe. Now that the boots have been put away it was time to start looking for jeans.

The Criteria:
  • Dark wash (because it makes you look skinnier)
  • Lots of Stretch (because after wearing leggings, I'm not going back to stiff denim)
  • Doesn't show butt crack (self explanatory)
  • Doesn't cost $200 (because I'm sick of spending that much on jeans)
After trying on lots, and I mean LOTS of denim, I finally found what I think are the perfect jeans. Thank you Urban Outfitters, for making BDG Cigarette Jeans! The fit is amazing! They're a super-skinny cut, but so soft and stretchy that they feel like you’re wearing leggings! And, they come in so many washes and several variations on the same cut, that there's something for everyone. Here are my favorites:

I'm 5'1 and these are not ankle length at all on me. They actually have a nice little scrunch at the bottom, which I like, but I did notice that the length varies from jean to jean. I definitely recommend trying these on! Even in the same size it can change a bit.

Now this next pair may not be for everyone, and honestly I didn't think they were for me until I tried them on!

I always wear a longer shirt with my jeans, so you never see how high my rise is anyway. But, it was so nice to put on this pair and not worry about whether or not my shirt was long enough! And, another bonus for those of us without a flat stomach, these suckers pull you in! Love that!

I'm totally obsessed with these right now, and loving the price point! Makes it so much easier to stock up! :)


  1. Jeans can be so difficult - glad you found some you're loving!

  2. These are really cute! Another paid I recommend at It! denim from LA, the Rising Starlet cut is fabulous!

  3. Loved this post! I am on the hunt for new jeans! I always have a hard time finding the right fit! Sounds like you found what you are looking for :0 Have a great day!

  4. That is a great price. I really like the look of both pairs, but I'd definitely want to try them on before I purchased to make sure they work for me.

  5. This is all I wear!!! They are the best jeans ever!!!

  6. Jeans are so vital. I wear them daily for 3/4 of the year. Sevens and Citizens are my favorites but they're so expensive. Love your picks, doll!
    xxoo Josie

  7. Jeans are hard. Luckily, forever 21's jeans fit me like a glove and they are super cheap!

  8. too funny my girlfriend was just bragging about how amazing high rise jeans were! i may have to give them a try!

  9. See, I'm really into the idea of the high-waisted stretch jeans for two reasons:
    1. tummy tucking powers as mentioned above
    2. stretch is a life saver. I have several pairs of non-stretch jeans that my thighs now HATE.

    I may have to head over to Urban Outfitters...


  10. What a great price! I've been thinking about these since you mentioned them the other day! I have to head over and try them on...wish me luck!

  11. What a great price! Finding jeans under $100 is such a challenge these days. Thanks for the suggestion!

    :) Marcie

  12. Thanks for the tip on Urban Outfitters, I also hate paying excessive amounts for jeans.

    Skinny stretch denim for less all the way!! :-)

    Have a great weekend!!xx

  13. What a beautiful blog you have! I had a struggle this week with jeans. agh.

  14. So funny you have Patti jonesing to go to UO and hunt these down!! I definitely want to try these on b/c finding a jean that looks good for that price is almost obsolete at this point!!

  15. Yesterday evening after reading your post I was watching TV and came across the HSN channel as they were showcasing American Glamour Badgley Mischka Straight-Leg Signature Jeans for $59.90 I do not know if this is a good deal or even if this is something you would wear buy I thought I'd throw it out there since the post was so good. You can see the jeans at|items_recently_aired

  16. What a great find, Bren! These look perfect and the price is awesome! I have found a few pair of skinny jeans at Gap recently that I love and are reasonably priced. They remodeled the fit of all their denim about a year ago and they now fit great! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. :)


  17. Love the cigarette jeans - great find!