Friday, February 26, 2010

Virtual Vacation: Moorland View - Devon, England

One of my favorite movies is The Holiday.  In the movie, two women (Iris played by Kate Winslett & Amanda played by Cameron Diaz) become intertwined when they swap houses as part of a holiday Home Exchange. The house, that Amanda rents is called "Rosehill Cottage," and is as quaint as a cottage could be. Exactly the kind of romantic place I dream of staying! Only I can't stay there, because it’s not a real house.  It’s a fiberglass set.

Here’s a what the cottage looks like in the film:

And here is Moorland View. A real rental in Devon, England:

Doesn't this look just like Rosehill Cottage?
When I came across this sweet little house, I immediately put it in my "Dream Destination" file!
Moorland View is a boutique cottage in an idyllic 13th century village in the hills of Dartmoor National Park, Devon, UK. (about 3 hours outside of London)  It has everything you could want…charming decor, a cozy wood burning fireplace, a copper tub for two, complimentary use of the nearby Bovey Castle country club and spa, and there’s even a local village pub. All set within one of the UK's prettiest historic villages.
Ok, seriously this would be like vacationing in the movie! Now if only I could get Jude Law to come knocking at my door…

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pink Tufting

Pink + Tufting = Perfection in my book. When I see feminine design like this, it just makes my heart sing! It's the one time when I'm truly grateful that I'm a single girl, who doesn't have to make design consessions to please the opposite sex. I know that one day, I'll be sharing my home with a man, but until that day comes...
I'm living it up!

This bed looks so luxurious! I'd love to spend the day there reading Jane Austen, and drinking tea.

The color combination of this room is so fresh. The pink looks sophisticated instead of childish.

This pink ottoman would make a fantastic statement piece.

The Perfect Pink Sofa:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How To: Clean Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a bit like flossing. We all know it’s important, but we don’t do it as much as we should. As a busy makeup artist, part of my job is maintaining clean tools. Makeup brushes can become dirty with makeup residue alone. Add body oils and dead skin, and they turn into havens for bacteria. Not only will that decrease the life of your brush, but can affect the makeup application and cause skin problems, including infection. I recommend that cleaning be done after each application, but let’s face it...unless you’ve got extra time in your morning routine (and who does), the once a week/once a month rule is probably more do-able.

Once a week, use a brush cleaner spray to maintain your brushes. I like to use the environmentally friendly, Parian Spirit. It thoroughly and gently cleans, while conditioning and disinfecting brush hair, leaving behind a clean citrus scent.

Step 1: Spritz paper towel generously with with cleaner.

Step 2: Swish brush back and forth on sprayed paper towel until it wipes clean, adding more cleaner if needed.

Step 3: Lay brush flat to dry

Step 4: Repeat until all brushes are clean


Run the tips of the bristles under warm water. Pour a little baby shampoo into the palm of one hand. (For synthetic brushes I prefer to use dish soap) Holding the brush in the other hand, swirl the bristles around in the baby shampoo. Rinse the brush in warm water until water runs clear. (Tip: Be sure not to submerge your brush to the base of the bristles. This can break down the glue that binds the bristles together.) Use a towel to wipe the brush clean; then lay it flat on a clean towel to dry. Approximate drying time is 12-24 hours.

Good brushes can really make a difference in application, but they’re expensive, so protect your investment by keeping them clean.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Song of the Day: Joshua Radin-Brand New Day

I'm dedicating today's song to my sweet friend, and soon to be fellow blogger,  Tree. Lately, things just haven't been going her way, so I'm sending a little "Joshua Radin love," to remind her that she'll be ok. Especially, since she's about to launch Fashion Forest! Be sure to bookmark the link, as her blog goes live very soon! You won't want to miss it!

Have an amazing Brand New Day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Girls Weekend

I've been SO looking forward to this weekend! Tomorrow I'm meeting up with my Aunt and cousins for a much needed "girl" day.

We'll be starting with this...

Followed by this.

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mac or PC?

Mac or PC?
I'm in the market for a new computer and what I want, and what I can afford, are two different things. I've been wanting to switch to a Mac for a while, but didn't really need a new computer until now. My desktop PC has been fine. (yes, I said desktop)  It's more than enough computer for me, but lately it's been running a little rough. No surprise though, considering it's six years old. That's a dinosaur in computer years! So, I thought I'd start looking to see what's out there.

I'm definitely getting a laptop this time around, so I first took a look at PC's.

I could basically get everything I'd want in a computer for $799, but then I'd still be dealing with antivirus software which can add up. The benefit for me in buying another PC means I don't have to learn anything new, and I don't have to buy expensive software that I already own (ie: Photoshop and Quickbooks), also it comes with Microsoft Office which is essential to my business.

Next, I took a trip to my nearest Apple store.

The people that work for Apple are so knowledgable! After spending about an hour talking to one of their "experts," I felt crazy for even contemplating another PC! However, there is that pesky thing called price. If I went with the entry level MacBook for $999, and got the student discount of -$100, that would bring it to just $100 over the PC. It totally makes sense, until I start thinking about all of the software I'd need to buy, just to get the Mac outfitted with what I need. The extra cost for programs that I already own, could easily add $400 + to the total. Ugh! The benefit to owning a Mac would be no virus issues, and FANTASTIC customer service/support.

I'm sure the arguements are strong for both sides, but I'd love advice from recent PC to Mac converts. Also, would love to hear feedback from those who looked at Mac and bought a PC. Please, please comment away!

The big Mac or PC debate... What's a girl to do?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring 2010: Ralph Lauren Beauty

As inspiring as Ralph Lauren's collection is, the makeup and hair created by Tom Pecheux and Guido Palau, are equally as fresh. I'm loving how minimal and clean this look is. A welcome reprieve from Fall/Winter's darker makeup.


"The inspiration for the show was The Grapes Of Wrath, so it was about making the girls look naturally beautiful," said makeup artist Tom Pecheux. "This makeup is pure and innocent."

Pecheux applied a very small of foundation. "We're using the minimum amount needed to even out of the skin, then covering any dark circles and imperfections with concealer," he said. He then swept powder over the T-zone and any shiny spots. "We don't want powder all over because their cheeks should be dewy and glowing."

Pecheux swept bronzer and blush over the models' cheeks for "a healthy, flushed effect. If she's pale, we're using pink blush; on olive skin, a peachy color; on dark skin, a bronze shade." He filled in the lips with a pencil one shade darker than the model's natural lip color.

Pecheux used no eyeshadow, and just a bit of white eyeliner pencil drawn on the inner corners to highlight the eyes. "This gives the eyes a fresh look." He applied mascara on the tips of the lashes for a subtle hint of color.

To suit the collection's Depression-era inspiration (lots of denim and faded, print dresses), hairstylist Guido Palau created four basic styles—a low knot that's tight; a low, messy knot; down and loose; and a low, loose ponytail. He applied Redken Thickening Lotion to damp hair and blow-dried it first just with his fingers, then with a round brush.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring 2010: Ralph Lauren RTW

Nothing is more American than apple pie or blue jeans, and in this rough economic time, Ralph Lauren is taking us back to our roots.


Hard times. The Great Recession we're all living through got Ralph Lauren thinking about American resiliency. "I am inspired by the character of the worker, the farmer, the cowboy, the pioneer women of the prairies," he wrote in his program notes. So in place of the polo fields or any of his other tony stomping grounds, Lauren took us back to the dust bowl for Spring. Models in newsboy caps wore faded and torn oversize jeans with blue work shirts; patchwork overalls; nightshirts in mattress-ticking stripes; or sweet calico print dresses with white ankle socks and oxfords with heels.

 I'm dying for all of these outfits and can't wait to create my own "recession friendly" versions!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Presidents' Day

Ahhh...76 degrees in LA...and it's  February! Gotta love it!

I'm taking full advantage of this extended weekend, and heading out to enjoy this little glimpse of Spring. I'll be back tomorrow though, with loads of fashion and beauty inspiration. You won't want to miss it!

I hope you all have a relaxing Presidents' Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Frivolous or Frugal: Heart Peep Toes


  Alexander McQueen
$925  now marked down to

Fredrick's of Hollywood

As much as I adore all things Alexander McQueen, even the discounted price of $370 is a bit steep for this girl's budget. These heart shaped peep toes from Fredrick's are practically identical to the A. McQ's and for a fraction of the price! Fredrick's also offers them in black and red, as well as pink, so why not pick up a couple of pairs?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

YouTube Love

In keeping with our LOVE theme this week, I thought I'd share a couple of sweet YouTube videos.

My favorite commercial of the Superbowl this year was an adorable story told via Google search. Genius! This has been circulating around the web for awhile now, but just incase you missed it...

And here's a music video by the Plain White T's that is the perfect Valentine's Day theme song. Notice how it's not just all about coupley love, but family and friends are included too! I love that!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Love Notes

With Valentine's Day less than a week away, there's not much time left to find that perfect card, with just the right sentiment. If you're looking for something special to express your love, check out Hello Lucky. They have the most adorable, vintage inspired, letterpress cards I've seen. Here are a few of my favorites:

And,  look at these sweet Anytime Valentine's from The Black Apple.

This is a set of 18 vintage school-days-style cards (like the ones you'd exchange with classmates) including 4-5 each of the four images depicted here (Sailor Boy, You are Sew Sweet, You are Magic, and Little Bandit). They are offset printed on 2"x4" smooth, matte notecards with a small "to/from" area and fancy red scalloped edging on the back (leaving room for inside jokes and loving declarations).

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear John...It's Superbowl Weekend

I'm taking off early today, to see the much anticipated love story,  Dear John.
I've been dying to see this movie! I loved the Notebook, also written by Nicholas Sparks, and A Walk to Remember was really good too. But then there was Message in a Bottle and Nights in Rodanthe. Both were complete disappointments.  I'm really hoping that Dear John lives up to all of the hype it's been getting! There's nothing worse than being excited to see a movie, and walking out of the theater saying it was just "ok."  Stop by next week for my full review.

Then on Sunday, it's SUPERBOWL!

I'm off to my cousin's annual bash, where there will be enough food to feed an army! I have no idea who's playing this year, but that's ok. I get to hang out with my family, watch some funny commercials, and the half- time show. That's the best part anyway! Does anyone actually watch the game?

{  Happy Superbowl Weekend! }

Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Month Anniversary

{ Chasing Beauty is one month old today! }

January 4th, a month ago today, I started this little blog. I dove in head first, with the intention of writing everyday about the things that I love, and want to share.  Twenty four posts later, I have a new found respect for the bloggers I've followed for years, who consistently come up with fresh content. It's not as easy as it looks, but I'm learning.  I want to make Chasing Beauty all that it can be, so if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. Just hit me up either through email or post comments. 

Also, I'd like to say a big thank you, to everyone that's been reading so far.  Your support is truly appreciated!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

50 Romantic Films-Part Two

As promised, here is Part Two of my 50 Romantic Films of all time.

In order of release date:

26. While You Were Sleeping-1995

27. The Bridges of Madison County-1995

28. Pride and Prejudice-1995 (TV version) & 2005 (film)

29. Sense and Sensibility-1995

30. Emma-1996

31. Jerry Maguire-1996

32. Dirty Dancing-1997

33. Titanic-1997

34. You’ve Got Mail-1998

35. Shakespeare in Love-1998

36. Ever After-1998

37. Notting Hill-1999

38. Never Been Kissed-1999

39. Return to Me-2000

40. The Wedding Planner-2001

41. Bridget Jones’s Diary-2001

42. A Walk to Remember-2002

43. Love Actually-2003

44. Something’s Gotta Give-2003

45. The Notebook-2004

46. Just Like Heaven-2005

47. A Lot Like Love-2005

48. The Wedding Date-2005

49. Enchanted-2007

50. Twilight-2008

Did I miss any of your favorites? Which will you be watching before Valentine's Day? Click here for 50 Romantic Films-Part One.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

50 Romantic Films- Part One

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I'm getting in the mood for love. This is the time of year where I turn into a big sap, and overdose on romantic movies. Won't you join me? Here's Part One of my favorite love stories captured on film.

In order of release date:

1. Swing Time-1936

2. Gone With the Wind-1939

3. The Philadelphia Story-1940

4. Casablanca-1942

5. Roman Holiday-1953

6. Sabrina-1954

7. An Affair to Remember-1957

8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s-1961

9. Love Story-1970

10. The Way We Were-1973

11. Grease-1978

12. Somewhere In Time-1980

13. An Officer and a Gentleman-1982

14. Valley Girl-1983

15. Falling in Love-1984

16. Moonstruck-1987

17. Working Girl-1988

18. Crossing Delancey-1988

19. When Harry Met Sally-1989

20. Pretty Woman-1990

21. Ghost-1990

22. Sleepless In Seattle-1993

23. Four Weddings and a Funeral-1994

24. It Could Happen to You-1994

25. French Kiss-1995

Be sure to stop by tomorrow, for 50 Romantic Films-Part Two.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Office Inspiration: Pink Glamour

I'm beginning to think about #4 on my 2010 Goals List, and honing in on my style for the room. I decided to look through my archives, and found some pics that I forgot I had. Interestingly enough, I still like them! You see, when you love design in all forms, you can appreciate anything and everything. It becomes very hard to decide on just "one" direction. I'm pretty sure that I want some version of a pink, Hollywood Glamour room, but open to mixing it up a bit. Pink is something that has always stuck with me, ever since I was little, and I love anything that nods to the past.  I think these images are exactly what I'm feeling for this space...

I love, love, love this chandelier! Unfortunately, it's way, way, way out of my price range!

This isn't pink, but it could be! I've always loved this image from the now defunct Domino magazine. A collection of black & white photos, all framed in black would look amazing on a pink wall!