Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Frivolous or Frugal: Trench Coat

I'm about to head out of town for a quick work trip, and where I'm going isn't as warm and sunny as LA. I was thinking that a classic trench would be the perfect coat to take, except for one problem...I don't own one! Crazy I know! I won't have time to go shopping before I leave, but the second I get back it WILL be added to my wardrobe. With such a classic peice, I can easily justify spending the extra $$$ on the Burberry, but the Banana Republic version comes in petite sizes. Since I'm only 5'1, the later might be the best option.

What do you think - Frivolous or Frugal?


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  2. I like the BR version a lot more

    D e g a i n e


  3. I would definitely go frugal if you are petite, and I'm not a huge fan of Burberry plaid!
    p.s thanks for checking my blog!

  4. yay i found another 5'1 blogger!!!! its def hard to find clothes which fit us length wise! go for the banana republic one coz no point in buying burberry and having to modify the length!!!!

    xoxo jenna

  5. I do love my Burberry...but this Banana version is pretty fab! The size option is important for you my little friend ;) I am 5'8 so I have not run into this issue but I say go try on the Banana one and see how it fits!


  6. I actually like the look of the BR one best. The waist tie is very sassy, and I think thepetiteblogger makes some great points. Save your $$$ and you'll still look fabulous at any height.La grande beauté vient en petits paquets (Translation-Great beauty comes in small packages)

  7. A classic Burberry trench is so timeless, but the price is definitely a little hard to stomach! (Though I'd like to think I'll wear mine forever so it'll be worth it in the end) I'm petite too and found that the BR trench fit well but the material just wasn't quite the same!

  8. I actually prefer the Banana one! It's a steal. Either way a trench is a classic piece you'll use over and over.