Thursday, March 11, 2010

Look, No Hands

I’m thinking that Spring/Summer is the perfect time to ditch my heavy handbags, and switch to a smaller, hands-free, cross-body satchel. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my large bags, and should since I’ve spent enough money on them.  But, there’s something liberating about not “kitchen sinking it” all the time. (carrying everything but the kitchen sink) These smaller bags are great when you only need the essentials like a phone, small wallet/credit cards and lipstick. Here are a few that I’m considering:


  1. Hello, I definitely know that you ladies love your big bags but as a guy I have to say, the smaller bags really bring out your feminine side, which I love. Of your choices I think the Banana Repulic bag is a real eye catcher but they all look great.
    On a side note: I took your advice and started my own blog:
    I hope you'll come by and support me as I try to create a blog, modeled on your inspiring blog style,geared towards men, but with women in mind.
    Thanks again for all the interesting topics.

  2. Nivek,

    I love the BR bag too!I'm definitely leaning toward that one or the Cole Haan.

    Thank you so much, for your kind words in regards to my blog. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading, and it's always nice to know that YOU are. I'm so excited for you that you're blogging! I'm heading there now to check it out. Best of luck with your new blog!