Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lash Out

Mascara has come a long way since it was first introduced in the early 1900s (coal dust and petroleum jelly wasn't exactly smudgeproof). With all of the various formulas on the maket today, you're bound to find one that will dramatically improve the look of your lashes. Whether it's plumping or lengthening, waterproof, curling or even agitating, there's something for everyone. Although, sometimes too much choice can become confusing. Here are a few of my favorite, tried and true mascaras, as well as some tips to help you get the most of your mascara and lashes.




 This pink and green icon has been a top seller since its debut in 1971. In the United States alone, one tube is sold every 1.6 seconds.

Step 1:  Curling Lashes
If done correctly, curling your lashes can really open up your eyes. Make sure you’re using a lash curler that’s wide enough to cover the entire lash line and that the rubber pads are properly in place and in good shape. (It's a good idea to keep on eye on the condition of these pads. They should be replaced every six months and the curler should be replaced once a year.) Always curl bare lashes; if you do it after applying mascara, you'll get breakage, clumpiness, or worse...you might pull lashes out from them sticking to the curler itself. By gently curling the lashes close to the base of your eye , you're now ready for the next step.

Step 2:  Applying Mascara

1. Blot the end of the brush on tissue to get rid of excess mascara.

2. Don’t pump the wand in the tube. This will push air into the mascara and cause it to dry out.

3. Holding the mascara wand parallel to the floor, work from the base to the tip of the lashes. Roll the wand as you go to separate lashes and avoid clumps.

4. Always apply mascara to upper lashes from underneath; brushing mascara over the top will weigh the lashes down. If you wear mascara on your lower lashes, use a lighter hand than you did on upper lashes.

5. To prevent clumping, allow mascara to dry in between coats. Apply one to two coats if you want a subtle look and two to three coats if you want a more dramatic effect.

Step 3: Removing Mascara
Don’t tug or rub when removing mascara because this irritates the eye area and can make lashes fall out. Soak a cotton ball with remover, press down on lashes to dissolve mascara, then gently wipe it away.

 And...never, ever share your mascara!
Mascara is a potential breeding ground for bacteria that can cause eye infections. You should replace your mascara about every three months.

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