Thursday, January 7, 2010

CB's Top 5 Returning TV Shows for 2010

Now that January is here, I'm eagerly awaiting the return of my favorite shows.  After what seems like forever of reruns, the time has finally come! Let the tween programming begin!

1.) American Idol
I get SO into Idol! Every year I wonder if I'll still be into it, and I always get hooked. It's hard to deny the #1 rated tv show. This year they're mixing it up a bit. With Paula out, Ellen in, and the rumors that this might be Simon's last year, everyone's wondering how Idol will fare. The one thing you can count on for sure is there will be plenty of awful auditions, with a few diamonds in the rough, ready to be polished. Season 9 of AI kicks off on Jan. 12, 8 pm (fox)

2.) The Bachelor
Honestly, I don't know why I still watch this show. They never stay together! The new bachelor, Jake, was Jillian's cast off from the last season of The Bachelorette. This season we'll find out if Jake finally gets the girl, and loses her by the time "After the Final Rose" airs. Premieres Jan. 4, 8pm (abc)

3.) Make It Or Break It
This show is like 90210 with gymnastics! What could be better? When MIOBI first aired, I was curious to see how they would portray the gymnastics world that I'm all too familiar with. All of the elements are there... the rigiorous training, the intense coaches, overly involved parents, and the competitiveness of the girls. Only in this version, there's tons more drama and none of the actresses playing gymnasts look like they even work out! Gymnasts have very specific body types and these girls clearly have body/stunt doubles. It's cheesy but I love it anyway! Check it out on Jan. 4, 9 pm (abc family)

4.) Project Runway
Heidi, Tim and the gang are back for their second season on Lifetime. I really loved how they incorporated the models perspective with "Models of the Runway" last season. It definitely added to the show. I'm looking forward to all of the crazy challenges, Tim telling the designers to "make it work," and Heidi's kiss of death...
"Auf Wiedersehen." Tune in on Jan. 14, 10 pm (Lifetime)

5.) Gossip Girl
We'll have to wait a little longer for our favorite Upper East Siders to return. Inquiring minds want to know...will S be dating an Archibald? Will Little J try to break them up? Dorota's getting married. Is B next? What about Lonely Boy? Will he remain lonely? Find out March 8, 9 pm (CW)

You know you love me...xoxo, Chasing Beauty.

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