Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sabon Soho

Last week I was in NYC for work, but managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping, sightseeing, and eating. While in SoHo, I stumbled into the most amazing bath & body store, Sabon.

A friendly woman greeted me at the door and asked if it was my first time there, of which I said yes. I had heard about Sabon, but never had the pleasure of visiting one of their stores. She then guided me to the back of the shop where a large, rock sink stood along with an array of their scrubs and lotions.

I was asked to pick a scent, and decided to try the Lavender Apple Body scrub, but they all were amazing.

Just one little scoop of this Dead Sea salt scrub drenched in macadamia, almond and soy bean oils, revealed my smoothest skin ever! I was then treated to the macthing lotion, and my skin felt completely moisturized and hydrated. This is a miracle in the middle of Winter! Done and done.

I also tried a few of their other products and scents, such as the Musk Body Oil,  and will be placing my order for new bath treats soon.

Sabon, which began in Israel, offers an unparalleled range bath and body products, using time-honored remedies based on the finest natural ingredients. If you're ever in the NYC area,  a visit to Sabon is an absolute must!

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