Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Roller Girl


Roller skating was HUGE when I was in junior high school. There were even movies made about skating! Skatetown USA, Rollerboogie, and who could forget Olivia Newton-John as Kyra "the muse" in Xanadu? I became a really good skater during those years, until I got older, and discovered boys. ( and my brother took apart my skates to make a skateboard. Grrrr!) Well, I just went roller skating for the first time in...well...a VERY long time! It was so much fun! I forgot how much I loved it, and it's such a great workout! I'm now on the hunt to buy a new pair of skates because the rentals are just horrible. I know I'll enjoy it even more with good equipment and it's cheaper too. Skating, coupled with riding my fancy bike that I bought two years ago, will be a nice start to my fitness goals. Now, if only I could look as good as Dita VonTeese while biking...

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