Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Globes - Beauty

Yesterday was all about the dresses, but today is nothing but beauty, beauty, beauty. The wrong hair and makeup can completely ruin a look, and for Award season it's even more important to get it right. Luckily there's a team of people (aka the glam squad), spending hours primping these actresses into perfection.


From top left to right: Gennifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Marion Cotillard and Kate Hudson

1)  Gennifer Goodwin's makeup has that French gamine look. I loved the black winged eye with lashes added to the outer corners, complimented by soft pink blush, and a barely-there lip. Ooh-la-la!

2)  Jennifer Morrison is doing a classically, vintage face like nobody's business! The liquid lined eye, sculpted cheeks and true red lipstick are simply regal. She's definitely chaneling her inner Grace Kelly.

3)  Marion Cotillard is gorgeous, french and always spot-on for the occasion. I loved her fresh take on the cat eye. If this were done using black liner it would look more "punk rock" than red carpet. Instead she kept the lid neutral and lined the eyes in shades of navy and teal. The look is sultry not harsh. Soft rose blush, and pink shimmer lipstick add a sweetness to keep everything looking pretty and polished.

4) Kate Hudson puts her own spin on the bronzed goddess look that her mother, Goldie Hawn, has rocked for years. It's a modern version...Not overly bronzed,  just sunkissed in all the right places. Her eye shadow is kept simple and glowy, with a little liner inside, and TONS of lashes. Her tawny blush, and champagne shimmer lips balance the look without over doing it.


From top left to right:  Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz and Rose Byrne

1) Jennifer Aniston has truly been blessed by the hair gods! I've honestly never seen her hair look bad. (ok, maybe in the early days of friends) Whether wearing it wavy or straight, she always gets it right. (and so does her amazing stylist, Chris McMillan) Jennifer vamped up her "California Casual" style by switching to a side part and face framing long fringe. Instant sexiness! Also, loving that it's not too perfect, maintaining that casual feel.

2) Julia Roberts makes every girl crave waves. Here she has the perfect blend of "not too curly/not too straight." I love that she's taking the basic Jessica Simpson hairstyle, and giving it a new modern twist. A little less curl at the crown, and on the ends, adds texture without looking fussy.

3) Penelope Cruz looks like a young Sophia Loren. I'm normally not a big fan, but this look head to toe was perfection! Loved the polished look of a "Veronica Lake" style on her. In my opinion, she's never looked better.

4) Rose Byrne was also doing the Retro look with soft brushed out waves, pulled back on one side with a vintage "broach style" barrette. The added bling, was the perfect finishing touch to this Hollywood glamour girl style.

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